PPC Ads - Everything From YouTube Ads To Performance Max

PPC Ads - Everything From YouTube Ads To Performance Max

PPC Ads - Everything From YouTube Ads To Performance Max

YouTube Ads

If you want to allocate some ad budget to one of the biggest websites in the world, then YouTube ads are definitely the one for you! There are so many advantages of advertising on YouTube from having the creative freedom to hook users immediately to interacting with your target audience by super-focus channel placements. There are numerous types of YouTube ads. Let’s get familiar with them…

💻 Skippable in-stream video ads

Videos that play before or during a video and give the user the choice to skip after 5 seconds.

💻 Non skippable in-stream video ads

These are shorter videos with no option to skip. If you use these you pay per impression rather than per click.

💻 Discovery ads

These ads are shown in YouTube feeds rather than in-stream videos and give the people the choice to click if it sparks their interest. Discovery ads will be super powerful to use if your video looks more relevant to the users search query than the other organic videos therefore increasing the chance of clicks and conversions.

💻 Non-video ads

No budget? No problem! These types of ads appear at the right-hand side of a played video alongside an image, text and CTA and are as a result a lot more cost effective to run.

If you're interested in the potential of YouTube ads or want to launch your first campaign, Googles YouTube Help forum contains additional helpful information to get you ready!

Creating video ads doesn't have to be difficult! With 100s of platforms such as Canva or Adobe at your fingertips, producing and publishing content has never been easier. These tools offer a range of user friendly templates and tools to help you create quality content. Whether you're an experienced designer or new to the game, bring your vision to life and get those ads converting!

With over 2 billion monthly users and rapid results, the benefits of advertising on YouTube are worth trying out for yourself!

Performance Max

So, what is Performance Max? Launched in 2021, Google Performance Max (also known as Pmax) is a top-performing campaign type in Google Ads. It allows advertisers to access all of Google's inventory through one singular campaign, significantly reducing the time and effort that would typically be required to manage multiple individual campaigns for these different channels. Performance Max campaigns certainly do it all!

Advertisers who use Performance Max experience an average of 18% more conversions at a similar cost per action. 

As you are showing casing ads across a range of networks, there are particular performance max asset requirements that your campaign must meet. These differ from channel to channel but the biggies to keep in mind are

🖼️ Image assets must be of a high quality and have a maximum file size of 5120KB.

📝 No punctuation in headlines or long headlines, exclamation marks and question marks are fine to use in descriptions only.

📹 YouTube videos must be a minimum of 10 seconds.

💡 If you’re creating a feed-only campaign, absolutely no assets should be included! Avoid adding logos or business names, as this prompts Google to encourage you to create headlines and descriptions to launch your ad.

Last week, Google dropped their Google Marketing Live conference for 2024 which featured many exciting announcements coming to ads. Moving forward, we expect to see more creative influence especially with Googles latest advancements to Performance Max.

Discovery Ads

Google discovery ads help you reach people more visually via creative image assets so they can discover and engage with your brand. They can be placed on a variety of platforms such as websites and Gmail and you can tailor these placements via the predefined reports section of Google Ads.

YouTube discovery ads differ slightly but are still managed through your Performance Max campaign. These ads appear on YouTube search pages, suggested videos, and homepages and even allow you to target particular channels that are relevant to your target audience. As mentioned earlier, YouTube boasts huge potential for your brand as it’s one of the largest social networks with longer user engagement times.

Search Ads

The most staple type of ad in PPC is Google search ads. These are known formally as responsive search ads (RSA’s) and are text-based ads that are shown in SERPs under a bold ‘Sponsored’ header. These ads are triggered via keywords that you’re targeting that are relevant to your product, service or the user you want to attract.

💡 Top Tip

Use Keyword Planner to find high volume, low cost keywords!

Furthermore, dynamic search ads (DSA’s) are another type of ad that you can launch as a search campaign in Google. They give Google's algorithm greater control to find potential customers through versatile formatting that tailors content better to that user to encourage conversions. 

It's important to keep on top of your search ads performance and optimising them alongside Google Ads industry benchmarks. Find out more in our latest blog.

Mira’s Recommendations

Google ads is one of the most efficient advertising platform as it has several campaign types that you can apply to your brand. With detailed analytics and real-time performance tracking, you can continuously optimise to maximise your ROI. So, by leveraging Googles vast network you can achieve significant reach, enhance brand visibility and drive more meaningful engagement…and lets not forget, those conversions!

Are you excited about all the avenues in Google Ads that you can explore to skyrocket your revenue? We’re a digital marketing agency based in Newcastle upon Tyne and have years of experience scaling brands like yours with pay-per-click marketing strategies.

Get in touch with us today for a FREE consultation. 

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Tired of Marketing Holding You Back?


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