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An agency that makes the impossible, possible! We are a digital marketing agency based in Newcastle, focussing on data and strategy to get you the best results from your marketing.

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What we do


Embark on an engaging brand journey with our cutting-edge email automation. Our data-driven campaigns have amplified revenue for all of our clients.

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Pay Per Click

Ignite your brand’s discoverability with PPC – the fuel to reach actively searching audiences on search engines. We maximise ROI with data-driven finesse and industry-proven tactics.

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Paid Social

Unleash your brand’s potential with intelligent paid social advertising. Targeted precision on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn delivers a cost-effective and demographic specific surge in results.

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We meticulously analyse your website, competitors, and industry to devise a customised roadmap for success. Our experts fine-tune every aspect of your website, from meta tags and URLs to content structure and internal linking.

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Data Driven Marketing Decisions

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What our clients say

Tim Mulhall
Chief Operating Officer
Scalextric & Hornby Hobbies

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A really comprehensive piece of work. Undertaken on time and within budget. What was even better was MIRA undertook unexpected preparation of our tech to make the whole work a success for us too.

Rebecca Todd
Head Of Marketing

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MIRA are a fantastic bunch of individuals. Their attention to detail, professionalism and technical skill is top tier. We’ve worked with many agencies over the years, and have historically, been let down, meeting MIRA restored our trust, so much so we don’t just outsource one channel to them; but several.

John Farrell
Founder & CEO

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MIRA are knowledgeable, efficient and polite and have pulled out all the stops on several occasions. I have been able to pick up the phone personally to discuss any issues or concerns… it is really a pleasure working with the team.

Maximise Your KPIs

Understanding and optimising Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is crucial for sustained growth. At MIRA, we view KPIs as more than mere metrics; they’re the pulse of your business. Through advanced analytics and our deep industry knowledge, we help businesses not just measure, but truly optimise their KPIs. With our strategic approach, we ensure each aspect of your business performs at its best. Join us, and let’s transform your KPIs from targets to triumphs.

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