Industry leading knowledge.

Explore our vast industry knowledge base to empower your marketing journey. Access blogs and videos covering Google Ads, Facebook, and Email, providing all the support you need to succeed.

Industry leading knowledge.

Explore our vast industry knowledge base to empower your marketing journey. Access blogs and videos covering Google Ads, Facebook, and Email, providing all the support you need to succeed.

Industry leading knowledge.

Explore our vast industry knowledge base to empower your marketing journey. Access blogs and videos covering Google Ads, Facebook, and Email, providing all the support you need to succeed.

Google Ads Benchmarks 2024


Over 80% of buying journeys begin on search engines, making Google ads one of the most profitable marketing channels. Ensure your measuring campaigns accurately with these 2024 benchmarks.

How Automation Is Transforming Marketing Strategies


Automation is a game-changing tactic within the marketing industry, brands can stay competitive and relevant by automating core processes.

5 best practices for facebook ad optimisation in 2024 in black and orange text on a cream background

5 Best Practices For Facebook Ad Optimisation in 2024


Maximise performance with ad optimisation on Facebook and Instagram using account simplification, Advantage+ automation and high-quality data gathering.

PPC Ads - Everything From YouTube Ads To Performance Max

Google Ads

Google ads is one of the largest marketing platforms in the world. Discover how to effectively use the platform as we cover everything from YouTube ads to Performance Max.

The Top 5 Email Marketing Flows Your Brand Needs

The Top 5 Email Marketing Flows Your Brand Needs


An email Marketing flow is a series of automated emails which are sent to customers based on different triggers such as clicking on a product, filling out a signup form or hitting a milestone (birthdays or anniversaries).

New Features Coming To Performance Max Campaigns

New Features Coming To Pmax Campaigns


Google ads have introduced several new AI-powered features to elevate your Performance Max campaigns.

The importance of alt text and best practices

The Importance Of Alt Text And Best Practices


Alt text is often overlooked and doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It is revolutionary in terms of accessibility and is a last-resort strategy

Using reels ads on Meta in 2024

Why You Should Use Reels Ads On Meta In 2024


Reels, Meta’s native short-form video-sharing tool for Facebook and Instagram, has established itself as a powerhouse for engagement since its launch

Get the most out of YouTube Shorts ads

How You Can Get The Most Out Of YouTube Shorts Ads

Google Ads

The age of YouTube shorts is here! Short ads offer new ways to make a connection with your customer. In fact, according to a survey by Material

Top tips to optimise Meta video ads.

6 Ways To Optimise Your Meta Video Ads


If you want to show your product off at every angle, you’ll want to be using video ads on Facebook and Instagram. Everyone has their own way of

All about Microsoft's new ad interface.

All About Microsoft's New Ad Interface

Google Ads

As PPC marketers we know that Google Ads is not the only place where revenue lies. Paid search strategies can be replicated on Amazon Ads and

Five tips and tricks to enhance your click rate.

Five Tips And Tricks To Enhance Your Click Rate


Click rate is a metric which involves 3 metrics; deliverability, opens and clicks. This makes it a valuable metric to track for your overall email

Meta logo.

Meta Advantage+ Creative Standard Enhancements: Are They Right For You?


With the ever-growing list of Meta ads and campaign optimisations, it can be hard to know which settings to prioritise. Earlier this month, Meta

Ecom brands 2023 Christmas strategies.

Want To Know How Other Ecom Brands Are Approaching Their 2023 Christmas Strategies?

Top Tips

We did the rounds with some leaders in the Ecom space to find out what has changed since 2022 and how they have planned for their own Christmas

Social media: What's trending?

Social Media: What’s Trending?

Social Media

It’s getting tougher and tougher to keep up, never mind stay ahead of the mark. Lucky for you, we’ve cut through the noise to keep you up-to-date

Power your ads.

Power Your Ads And Drive Performance This Holiday Season

Google Ads

According to recent statistics, over 74% of online shoppers plan their holiday shopping ahead of time, and with consumer spending pressure due to

Debunking 6 digital marketing myths.

Debunking 6 Digital Marketing Myths

Top Tips

Digital marketing is a hot topic; everyone is talking about the changing face of the online world. It can be an exciting, but confusing discussion

Digital marketing trends.

Digital Marketing Trends To Be Prepared For This Year

Top Tips

Changing consumer trends, industry news, and digital advances. Every day we as marketers are bombarded with the latest developments, and truthfully

AI Revolution.

The AI Revolution: The Advantages Of AI

Top Tips

Artificial intelligence is paving the way for a new efficient age of business. Utilising AI as a tool could mean you stay ahead of the competition

Will AI surpass the need for human creativity.

Will AI Surpass The Need For Human Creativity?

Top Tips

AI this, AI that, as the intelligence enters a feverish hype cycle, it really does seem to be all that anyone is talking about. But the hottest

Facebook rabbit hole.

The Facebook Rabbit Hole


Let me begin with April the 26th 2021, the rise and fall (bumpy road) of Facebook advertising. I remember it very clearly, everyone went into a

Gmail and Yahoo's new email sender requirements.

Prepare For Gmail And Yahoo’s New Email Sender Requirements


Gmail and Yahoo announced sender requirement updates in October 2023 which will minimise spam that is received by users. Both platforms will follow

New Google shopping experience scorecard.

New Google Shopping Experience Scorecard

Google Ads

Google has released an announcement to users of the Google Merchant Center about the release of the new Shopping Experience Scorecard. The goal

Scale Meta ad spend without compromising performance.

How We Doubled Ad Spend On Meta Without Compromising Performance


On the lead-up to November, Black Friday month, our client informed us they weren’t going to be running any extra offers but they were looking to


Is TikTok And Short-Form Videos On The Decline?

Top Tips

We are looking at the cyber security risks of TikTok and how short-form videos are on the decline. Whilst AI, is still going strong – we are discussing

Understanding cost per click (CPC).

Understanding Cost Per Click (CPC)

Top Tips

Cost Per Click (CPC) is one of the most important metrics for businesses in online advertising and is a key indicator of how well your ads are

Google Analytics 4

GA4’s Impact, Meta’s Threads & Microsoft’s AI Tools

Google Ads

GA4 arrived last week, which side of the fence are you on? Meta’s Twitter rival is arriving in the app store tomorrow and Microsoft is announcing

Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns.

Useful Updates Coming To Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns


Recently, Meta announced a host of new features set to arrive for Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns in the coming weeks. These features are sure to

Is Google's reign in search coming to an end.

Is Google’s Reign In Search Coming To An End?

Social Media

This statistic from a recent study has sparked a surge of interest and controversy, with many people questioning whether this is the death of search

AI, TikTok and building your email and SMS list.

AI, TikTok And Building Your Email And SMS List

Top Tips

If you haven’t already seen Coca-Cola’s generative AI ad, then where have you been? There’s many questions for what the future could hold for


5 Ways To Discover New Keywords For Your Google Search Campaigns

Google Ads

Google Pay Per Click has both Google Search and Google Shopping to discover new customers and drive sales or leads. Google Search Campaigns are

Facebook launches new e-commerce features.

Facebook Launches New E-Commerce Features


Following an update from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, it looks like Facebook is launching some new e-commerce features to help online retailers get

Hidden insights in Google Merchant Centre.

Google Merchant Centre Hidden Insights

Google Ads

If you’re an ecommerce brand advertising through Google’s network, you can utilise Google Merchant Centre to your advantage with these sneaky

How Instagram has changed new product launches.

How Instagram Has Changed New Product Launches


Since March 2023, we’ve all been getting used to Instagram Reminder Ads and how they are used to drive scarcity and excitement for a new launch or

12 New Performance Max updates.

12 New Performance Max Updates

Google Ads

Google recently hosted its latest Performance Max Conference live event and there were a lot of key pMax updates to note. Feeling overwhelmed and

Unique campaign strategies for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Unique Campaign Strategies For Black Friday And Cyber Monday

Top Tips

The plans are set, the budgets planned, and all of us here at MIRA want to wish all retailers the best of luck for this festive season. With Black

Black Friday on Meta.

Preparing For Black Friday On Meta


Black Friday is right around the corner. We asked our Paid Social Manager Alina about the ways she is getting our clients’ Meta ad accounts set up

Amazon Meta partnership.

Meta’s New Partnership With Amazon


Meta has introduced a new feature for U.S. Amazon shoppers. The partnership will allow users to link their Instagram and Facebook accounts to their

5 Quick wins to improve performance on Meta.

5 Quick Wins To Boost Your Performance On Meta Ads


Spending all day in clients’ accounts, we know that even quick changes or adjustments can make a huge difference to the performance of your Meta Ads

Unlock your Q5 potential on Meta.

Top Tips For Advertising On Meta In Q5


As 2023 comes to a close, it’s time to start thinking about your Facebook advertising plans for 2024 Q1. Well, not quite… Results of a YouGov survey

Google's latest features.

New Feature Alert - Headline And Description Ad Assets

Google Ads

Google has introduced a new headline and description feature to its largest and most flexible search ad format, Responsive Search Ads (RSAs). This

New flexible format for creative ads in Meta Ads Manager.

New Flexible Format For Creative Ads In Meta Ads Manager


Meta has just started rolling out a new creative ad format – Flexible Format. Continue reading to find out what we know so far and how it might

Meta updates in 2023.

The Biggest Meta Ads Updates From 2023


2023 has seen plenty of new features and updates for Meta Ads which we’ve been using in our campaigns for clients. Here are 5 additions and updates

Top tips for ads that convert.

Unlocking Google Ads Success: A Guide To Boosting Conversions

Google Ads

Using Google Ads for your business’s Pay Per Click services leverages customers who are in the consideration phase of their buying journey. They

Social Media Marketing Trends For 2024.

Social Media Marketing Trends You Should Keep An Eye On In 2024

Social Media

Now that 2023 is all wrapped up and post-Christmas sales are ending, it’s time for the 2024 social media marketing strategies to take centre stage

Increase your reach with YouTube.

Increase Your Reach with a Google Ads Youtube Campaign


Did you know that over 90% of people discover new brands or products on YouTube? Furthermore, YouTube ads are 84% more likely to receive attention

Top tips to optimise your advertising strategy.

How To Optimise Your Advertising Strategy To Deliver More Targeted Ad Campaigns.

Top Tips

In order for ecommerce brands to build top-of-funnel awareness and grow their customer base, it is necessary to use paid advertising as a key channel

4 Top tips for A/B testing.

The Best Practices For A/B Testing


A/B testing features are a useful tool for brands and digital marketing agencies looking to optimise their communication with customers. An A/B test

A complete rundown of Google's cookie removal.

Everything You Need To Know About Google’s Cookieless Future In 2024

Google Ads

By the end of 2024, the internet will see a complete deprecation of third-party cookies as a part of Google’s mission to enhance user privacy on

Link History - what does it mean for targeted ads on Facebook.

How Will Facebook’s New Link History Feature Affect Targeted Ads?


Meta is introducing a new feature called ‘link history’ for Facebook users. This feature will allow users to view a list of websites they’ve visited

YouTube ad blockers graphic.

YouTube’s Attempt To Remove Ad Blockers


The largest video-sharing platform, YouTube, is cracking down on ad blockers in order to protect its advertising revenue. In recent years, ad blocking

Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER) explained.

Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER) Explained


There seems to be a never-ending stream of acronyms in marketing, but the most recent acronym that many businesses are interested in is MER. As a

Most common mistakes we see in Meta Ads.

5 Common Mistakes We See In Meta Ad Accounts


Advertising on Meta can be a great way to reach cold audiences and nurture existing audiences. But if you’re not setting yourself up to succeed..

How to get the most returns with a small Ads budget.

How To Make The Most Ad Returns From A Small Budget

Google Ads

Around 80% of internet users see ads through Google’s Display Network on a daily basis, with 65% of small companies gaining customers this way

Types of CTAs you can use to master your email marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Tips: Mastering Your CTA


When it comes to email marketing, a call to action plays a critical role in your email’s purpose. It defines what action you want the audience

Meta removing more detailed targeting options.

Meta Is Removing More Detailed Targeting Options


Meta has announced in the last week that, from 15th January 2024, they have started to remove certain detailed targeting options for Facebook ads

Google lead gen top tactics.

Google Lead Generation Top Tactics

Lead Generation

Are you looking to generate high quality leads for your business? If you are, you might not be seeing much return. Perhaps you are targeting audiences

SMS marketing and how you can utilise it for your business.

What Is SMS Marketing?


There is a common misconception that audiences don’t want to hear from your brand via SMS marketing. However, according to Klaviyo’s SMS marketing

The ultimate Meta paid social glossary.

The Ultimate Paid Social Ads Glossary

Paid Social

So you want to delve into the world of paid social with Meta Ads. Great idea! But to get the most out of your marketing, you’ll want to understand

Introducing Gemini. The latest from Google.

The Newest From Google – Gemini For Google Ads

Google Ads

Would you like to build better search campaigns in Google Ads that drive great performance with little effort? Introducing Gemini, a new advancement

How to master email marketing automation.

The Importance Of Email Marketing Automation


Successful marketing automation allows your business to use hyper-targeted and behaviour-triggered messages to reach the right audiences. Email

Meta expanding Advantage Detailed Targeting.

Meta Expanding Advantage Detailed Targeting to ALL Campaign Objectives


Meta has recently announced Advantage Detailed Targeting will now be available across all objectives and optimisations. This comes as part of the

Google's consent mode update.

Google Consent Mode Update: Key Insights

Google Ads

Introduced in 2015, the Google EU User Consent Policy (EU UCP) demonstrates Google’s commitment to helping advertisers, publishers and general users

Converting web visitors into returning customers with sign-up forms.

Convert Web Visitors Into Returning Customers With Sign-Up Forms


Different audiences might be visiting your website daily, but are they returning? Sign-up forms are an effective way to retain web visitors and

New Meta Ad attribution setting.

Meta’s NEW Attribution Setting


To help advertisers capitalise on the juggernaut that is short-form video advertising, Meta is launching a new attribution setting for Facebook

Your complete PPC glossary.

Your Complete PPC Glossary

Google Ads

Digital marketers frequently rely on various acronyms and important words when discussing paid search. These words help to ensure everyone is

Engaged segmentation in email marketing.

How To Use Email Segmentation Effectively


Sending emails to your most engaged subscribers is the most effective way to ensure you continue to build your subscriber base, whilst developing

New approach to AI images on Meta.

Meta’s New Approach To AI-Generated Images


AI-generated content has been everywhere in the last few years, and Meta is no exception. Indeed, like other big players in the tech industry, Meta

Copywriting best practices.

Copywriting Best Practices

Google Ads

A strong ability in copywriting is critical to all forms of marketing, especially PPC. It’s the driving factor that gets your audience to take action

Collecting personalisation data in email marketing.

How To Collect Email Personalisation Data Effectively


Building brand loyalty with your subscriber base is key to increasing conversions, referrals and revenue. Consumers want messages that address their

All about Google's transparency centre.

Inspire Creativity With Google Ads Library

Google Ads

Google have expanded their newly named Ads Transparency Center. How? You can now quickly find text, image and video ad inspiration from similar

How to boost posts without extra fees.

How To Boost Posts On Meta Without Extra Fees


The turbulent relationship between tech giants Meta and Apple has recently brought another problem for advertisers. iPhone users in the US will now

The benefits of list cleaning in email marketing.

The Benefits Of List Cleaning In Email Marketing


List cleaning is essential in email marketing to ensure your emails have good deliverability and arrive in your subscriber’s inbox. Ensuring you

The best way to partner with Instagram creators.

The NEW Way To Connect Your Brand With Creators On Instagram


Meta has announced that the Instagram creator marketplace will soon be available for brands in 8 more countries, including the UK, Australia and

Hidden insights in Google Merchant Centre.

Google Merchant Centre Hidden Insights

Google Ads

If you’re an ecommerce brand advertising through Google’s network, you can utilise Google Merchant Centre to your advantage with these sneaky

Best practices to create captivating subject lines.

Best Practices To Create Captivating Subject Lines


Your recipient’s inbox can become a crowded place and competing against multiple brands for their attention can be difficult but standing out from

How to get the most out of your welcome series flow.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Welcome Series Flow


A welcome series is a sequence of automated emails to a new subscriber after signing up for your email marketing. A welcome email series is a great

Why you should run Meta lead ads.

Why You Should Run Lead Gen Ads On Meta

Facebook Ads

Facebook and Instagram advertising is a great way to target people at the beginning of their interaction with your brand. Sales directly attributed

Optimise ads based on the weather.

Optimising Your Ads Based On The Weather


As the seasons are beginning to change, so does the demand for certain niches of products. The weather often impacts the behaviour of consumers and increases desire for certain products/services.

Understanding TikTok trends.

Top Tips From TikTok’s NEW Trend Digest


TikTok has recently launched a new monthly series called TikTok Trends Digest. This helps marketers keep up to date with the rapidly changing state

The latest from Gemini.

The Latest Gemini Integrations


The end of February saw further advancements in Gemini, Google’s latest AI technology. It’s integration began earlier this year and has came a long

Why is SMS an effective marketing channel?

Why Is SMS An Effective Marketing Channel?


Why is SMS effective? SMS marketing is an underrated digital marketing strategy. In the UK, 93% of people have mobile phones and spend an average

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