The AI Revolution: The Advantages Of AI

The AI Revolution: The Advantages Of AI

The AI Revolution: The Advantages Of AI

AI Revolution.

Does your business need a helping hand?.. AI could work as your digital assistant.

Artificial intelligence is paving the way for a new efficient age of business. Utilising AI as a tool could mean you stay ahead of the competition whilst also revolutionising your marketing strategy.

In a recent Infosys study, it was found that 76% of senior decision-makers think AI is key to a successful business strategy. 

It has the capabilities to analyse vast amounts of data and empower your business to deliver personalised experiences to customers and direct you to make more accurate data-driven decisions. 

But are the advantages of using AI really worth jumping on the bandwagon? 

Well, keep reading.. Let’s see if you need your own digital assistant. 

AI revolution.

#1 – Using Artificial Intelligence to boost your social media presence

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and TikTok all use AI technology to track user behaviour, and provide advertisements and content that will appeal specifically to them. 

AI technology is not just available to platforms, but offers advantages to marketing specialists too. 

When producing new social media posts, it can be challenging to generate consistently engaging captions and visuals that differentiate from previous posts, that also keep up to date with trends. 

AI has the ability to identify and track posts to keep you informed on current trends, which will lend a helping hand when looking for new and fresh ideas. AI can also monitor these posts to gain valuable insights and enhance your social media marketing strategy by establishing an effective online presence.

Using AI to boost your social media presence.

#2 – Generative Artificial Intelligence tools

Generative AI is a useful tool when brainstorming new ideas, conducting research for unique topics and personalising content. 

You can find AI features implicated in many applications that could be beneficial for creating content for your business. 

An example of this is Canva’s brand new text-to-image tool technology. This feature allows you to generate a unique and professional image, 3D model, drawing, or many other options, from your description alone. From recent feedback, users found the text-to-image tool: time saving, user friendly, customisable and versatile.

Another popular generative AI tool can be found on numerous websites that offer an Instagram caption generator. This provides fast, engaging and unique captions to use on your social posts. The user will provide a brief description on the post and the AI tools allow you to select a tone of voice that best suits your company’s brand, before creating your caption for you. If you need more to choose from, the “More results” button offers endless possibilities.

#3 – Artificial Intelligence-powered SEO for higher rankings

SEO can take up a lot of your time and effort when improving your ranking. AI can assist with your ranking improvement, automate tasks and the process at a high quality, which can allow you to focus your time on other aspects of your business and strategic planning.

AI can be an asset when talking about your technical search engine optimization and implementing AI SEO tools can help boost your rankings. For example, website speed testers such as Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool, uses machine learning algorithms to generate information and give recommendations on how your page speed can be improved. Recommendations are also generated in this way to produce mobile friendliness checkers and security checkers, to determine if websites are safe and avoid any data-breaches. 


#4 – Using Artificial Intelligence to predict trends

In the expansion of the digital word, influencer marketing is becoming more prominent. Companies who merge their brand with the correct content creators for their brand can progress efficiently and gain interest with audiences, from influencers who they trust. AI algorithms can be used to identify trending influencers who are likely to collaborate with other brands and audiences. 

AI can also identify emerging trends through patterns and data collected from a customer journey with your company. Overtime, AI will absorb more and more data through feedback from customers, which will only improve the notion of predicting trends and enhance the accuracy. AI can also use insights to predict customer preferences, offering them an efficient and personalised experience.

Using AI to predict trends.

So, there you have it! Why not let Artificial Intelligence give you a helping hand? 

Using AI as a tool to create efficient assets can change your social media game, empower your business and revolutionise your marketing strategy. Your team will have more time to focus on the strategy and production, rather than endless hours on finding resources and involvement in repetitive tasks. You’ll have the capabilities to deliver more accurate data-driven decisions and personalised experiences, whilst also staying ahead of the competition. 

However, AI works best in conjunction with humans, rather than alone.

In a recent study from the Harvard Business Review, it was found that in 1,500 firms, the best results were achieved when humans and machines were working together. So don’t worry! AI won’t be replacing your job. There are capabilities such as values, experience, intuition and communication skills provided by humans that machines are unable to do. 

So something to note is although AI can be an asset for your business, it cannot run solely with AI. Business requires both Artificial Intelligence and Human capabilities to achieve the most significant performance improvements. 

Tired of Marketing Holding You Back?


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Tired of Marketing Holding You Back?


Tired of Marketing Holding You Back?


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