Guide To Boosting Conversions In Google Ads

Top Tips For Ads That Convert

Using Google Ads for your business’s Pay Per Click services leverages customers who are in the consideration phase of their buying journey. They likely recognise the existence of the problem and/or potential solutions, and in certain instances, they might already be familiar with your brand. 


As they move closer to making a purchase, the intensified competition from other advertisers similar to yours becomes a factor that contributes to the rising advertising costs on Google Ads. Below, we’ll explore three crucial areas to help you optimise your conversions and avoid the pitfall of overspending on your ads.


  1. Say More, With Less


Cut to the chase and make your point. Assume that your customer is busy and this is your one-shot opportunity to grab their attention. Incorporating a sense of urgency using phrases in your headlines such as “for a limited time” or “whilst stocks last” can serve as a compelling hook that will capture their attention and consequently drive conversions.


David Ogilvy, a renowned advertising tycoon famously said this;


On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents of your dollar.


The truth is consumers don’t have time for lengthy explanations and neither does Google Ads. Their 30-character headline limit and 60-character description limit means you only have a few words to convert that viewer. So, make a solid point that will deliver a clear and compelling message that resonates with the audience.

Some key factors to bear in mind here:

– How does your product/service enrich your customer’s life?
– How is your product/service different from your competitors?
– Speak of the benefits, rather than the features of your product/service


  1. Get Creative


Getting creative with your ads doesn’t mean having to employ a team of designers. Platforms like Canva are straightforward to use and their free version provides enough quality to utilise on Google Ads. Take advantage of all of the design tools that they offer, including their new AI features, to add visuals that will make your ads pop.


Below, you’ll find an example of a creative from one of our clients, employed in a Google Ads Display Remarketing campaign that resulted in a 70% increase in conversions. Opting for a straightforward message in a clear, concise format within an image often proves effective.




And to take your ad game a step further, incorporating videos is a great way to capture your audience’s attention. This is because videos are interactive and you can convey a message much quicker. 


  1. Turn The Buying Process Into A Simple Yet Structured One


Turning to Chris, our Head Of Growth here at MIRA Marketing, we asked him what his sure-fire way of converting audiences and boosting conversions would be. This is what he had to say:


“I believe that the larger the leap of faith it takes for someone to get in touch, the more you should break down their conversion into segments. 


You have to be specific about where your positioning sits within the market. Think about how you would solve a problem for a user when there is a complex buying journey and how you break down a conversion into smaller, more manageable steps. 


Let’s break down the buying process and create support at each stage;


  • How are you making sure your buyer understands the differentiator? Are you cheaper, are you better, do you have a new way of doing things?

  • Now you have their awareness, how can you get them to like and trust you? Think about in person events, sponsorships, round tables etc.

  • They now know you, and you have the opportunity to discover where the solution could be a fit.

  • Getting feedback from prospects should help to shape marketing support across the full journey.


For example if you are selling a product that is under £10, get straight to it. You are already at an advantage with the price point of the product. Hunt straight for an emotional trigger in your headlines/ad copy whether it be laughter, security, joy or satisfaction to close the deal and involve your customers emotionally in the buying process.”


Interested in learning more? Schedule a consultation with Chris to explore how we can assist with your overarching strategy for Digital Marketing. Claim your free audit today and kickstart your journey towards business growth!