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Pay per click strategies that convert, capture and generate highly qualified, high-intent customers daily.



Report & Optimise.

Advanced Google Ads Strategies that work

Google Ads is one of the most effective ways to acquire highly qualified customers to your site. It is built around search intent where the customer will be directly searching for your product. At MIRA we have helped hundreds of brands scale their businesses through Google Ads using strategies that help drive sales and returns.

Why work with us?

We have spent years helping ambitious brands increase their monthly sales and revenue through Google. We ensure we are up to date with the latest technology and strategies to enhance success.

The importance of data

It is important to have data and reporting that you can analyse and make decisions on. Our Google Ads clients get full Datastudio dashboards where we can track and make decisions based on what we are seeing in real time.

Focusing on the customer to get optimal results

Understanding your customers journey is the most fundamental starting point of all your marketing efforts. We begin at the top of the funnel and ensure we are following our internal strategy to filter and flow the customer through a funnel to purchase. Multiple touch points throughout the funnel and more advanced and highly targeted marketing the further down the funnel we get is critical.

PPC & Google Shopping

Increased Monthly Revenue by 100%

Last three months a 100% increase in revenue generated month on month. MIRA also cut the average cost per purchase prior to them starting by 50% and increased conversions by 200%.

Youtube & Google Shopping

After successful Facebook campaigns Tug-E-Nuff gave the ropes to MIRA to start growing their Google and Youtube advertising. Since then, MIRA has optimised the campaigns on Google Shopping to see an increase of 100% in sales. MIRA also started running YouTube Ads for Tug-E-Nuff driving the cost per purchase lower and adding more sales to their top line.

We have spent years helping ambitious brands increase their monthly sales and revenue through Google.

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We minimise risk by taking the time to understand and analyse your current performance before making changes, assessing your CPC, click through rate, return on investment, CPA and more. Identifying the most effective keywords and search queries, negating risk by adding negative keywords, our data-led changes produce results. Google Shopping advertisers can expect optimised structure with research into product categories, keywords, titles and product types.


Our work ensures your ads satisfy the algorithms of Google, ensuring optimal performance and helping you to steal a march on your competitors. Whether PPC advertising or Google Shopping, we work to ensure your ads are seen as relevant by advertising platforms before launching campaigns, creating more effective ad distribution and ultimately leading to better results.


MIRA always keeps an eye on the long-term, ensuring every ad has purpose and works towards your wider business goals. Keywords, bids, performance, scheduling, locations and keyword gaps are all part of the wider strategy, helping you strive towards long-term goals while capitalising on short-term opportunities. Our work also ensures the correct Google Analytics, search console and other relevant data is fed into the system - informing future decisions.


We provide weekly or monthly reporting to our partners, keeping you up to date with performance and creating transparency in everything we do. Our focus on data, analysis and iteration will often see reporting used as rationale for tweaking advertising, and ultimately serves to inform our decisions as much as it is there to help you understand performance and required changes.