Preparing For Peak Buying Season

The peak buying season is approaching. Are you a retailer triple checking you have everything in place for the busiest season? We’ve got you covered. We want to help you prepare for the upcoming madness. So, we’ve put together this handy guide to educate you on how to predict your shoppers behaviour and how to react effectively. 

Peak Buying Season

Creating tailored offers such as “abandoned cart”, “sign up for x% off” that will stand out during every part of the customer’s shopping experience. This will target them at the pinnacle point in their buying experience to generate more sales for you and your business. Insights provided by Google Ads and Google Analytics can detect patterns/behaviour of the shoppers buying mentality. As a result, this will help increase your engagement with them and their willingness to buy. These include…

Deliberate/Early Shoppers

32% of UK customers said they spend more time researching products online before purchasing. This is the perfect time to capture their attention by scaling spend on ads, improving landing page experience or launching display ads. This keeps your branding consistent so it is memorable to your potential buyer. Therefore making them more likely to follow through the buying process.

Determined Shoppers

In the last few weeks running up to Christmas, shoppers shift to a more ‘ready to buy’ mindset. This means your business is in a position with more revenue potential. Capitalise on this by up-keeping momentum post Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can do this by creating seamless omnichannel experiences, keeping a consistent tone of voice, brand identity and message across all channels. Take advantage of everyday in December. This includes raising your customer engagement by creating fun, festive activities. This could be an advent calendar website pop up on your landing page, which offers promotions each day. This will entice web viewers to come back everyday, engage and ultimately buy.

Peak Buying Season

We Recommend… 

Engage your customers with some of the following strategies during peak season;

Highlighting Delivery Policies

We have all been shoppers and we all want to know that we are guaranteed to receive our orders on time. Letting it be known that you offer fast, free, next/same day delivery and free returns will build customers’ relationship with your brand making them more likely to purchase – as suggested by a recent Google/Ipsos study finding 60% of shoppers check return policies before purchasing from a new brand.

Updating Product Details

Don’t say goodbye to sales by making customers’ shopping experience a stressful one. Ensure that your Merchant Centre is up to date with availability, price and delivery information. It’s useful to keep your images sharp and high quality, use eye-catching text and badges promoting discounts and providing peace of mind for your customers by providing ratings and reviews.

Optimise, optimise, optimise

If you’re a business that uses Google Ads (or wants to start using Google Ads – see link at the bottom of the page) switching to Performance Max will automatically serve the right ad in front of the right audience by utilising Google’s smart technology and inevitably driving conversions as shoppers are more hyper-targeted. Using PMax campaigns increases conversions by 18% whilst maintaining a similar CPA – ideal for being business money savvy this busy season.

Utilising this information into the December shopping insanity will help you run your operations smoothly and provide prospective customers with a great seamless shopping experience.

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