Google’s New Feature For Responsive Search Ads

Google's latest feature

Google has introduced a new headline and description feature to its largest and most flexible search ad format, Responsive Search Ads (RSAs). This new feature is currently still in Beta, running through trials in the U.S. and could boost conversions for businesses looking for a powerful promotional push.

What Are Responsive Search Ads?

RSAs essentially assemble your ad for you. Advertisers will provide multiple versions of headlines and descriptions. Google will then assemble the data to match your audience’s specific search history and search query.

Google's latest feature

What Does This Mean?

Users now can go beyond the constraints of the standard 15 headlines and 4 descriptions. This extension could be a game changer for businesses that have a wide variety of unique selling points or a range of messaging that will appeal to a diverse audience.

💬 We asked our PPC Executive Riley, what he thinks:

Campaign-level headlines will be a great benefit to companies that often change their offers and sales. This will save a lot of time in changing these headlines especially on large accounts with many ads and ad groups”.

We know that Black Friday is over and the dust has settled for another year, but this new development will prove to be a massive help for promotional seasons or if you’re a business with regular sales. The new feature will increase the speed and efficiency of the overall process, especially in comparison to scheduling in Google Ads Editor. This will be specifically beneficial for businesses with products or services that require regularly updated headlines.

How Do They Work?

The new headline and description assets are still inputted and created in the same way. However, they are applied to all enabled RSA’s within a campaign. They can be pinned and scheduled to show at a specific time which is another benefit during promotional periods. This is extremely helpful if you’re a pay per click agency that manages multiple ad accounts. This is due to the improved ability to keep track of ever changing deals and promotions from clients.

The feature can also be used in more ways than one. Let’s say you’re wanting to improve your click through rate. Instead of just regularly updating your ads, try this new feature and watch the clicks come rolling in. The diversity of the feature allows more scope to test headlines and descriptions. This will provide relevant combinations to your consumer audience.

As a pay per click management agency, we look forward to seeing results from the feature within our client accounts. Need help with your responsive search ads? We’d love to chat, get in touch today.