5 Ways To Discover New Keywords For Your Google Search Campaigns

5 Ways To Discover New Keywords For Your Google Search Campaigns

5 Ways To Discover New Keywords For Your Google Search Campaigns


Google Pay Per Click has both Google Search and Google Shopping to discover new customers and drive sales or leads. Google Search Campaigns are text ads on search results that let you reach people who are actively searching on Google for the products and services that you offer. When you create your ad, you select a set of keywords that will trigger your ad to show. By using this highly specific targeting, you’re able to drive sales and traffic to your website on a pay per click basis. However, in order for your Google search campaign to be successful, your keywords need to match with the terms that people are searching for.

But how do you come up with new keywords for your search campaigns? You might be setting up your google search campaign from scratch or you might be looking to revamp your existing campaigns… Either way, you need to get researching!

To get you started, here are 5 easy ways to discover new keywords:

1. Check Your Search Terms

Open up Google Ads Manager > Keywords > Search Terms.

In here, you’ll see the exact phrases that people searched for when your ad was shown. From the data in this table, you’ll be able to identify what terms are being searched for and whether or not you currently have these keywords in your campaign. These are great potential keywords that people are searching for! You’ll then be able to evaluate the associated data to see how many times your ad was served, if your ad was clicked on and the cost per conversion, in order to make data-informed decisions.

Check your search terms: Step 1

Check your search terms: Step 1.

Check your search terms: Step 2

Check your search terms: Step 2.

2. Google Keyword Planner

Open up Google Ads Manager > Tools & Settings > Keyword Planner > Discover New Keywords > Select Either “Start With Keywords” or “Start With Website”

“Start With Keywords” – you can enter one or more keywords and google will display keyword ideas for you that are related to your entered word or phrase

“Start With Website” – or you can enter your website and google will generate keyword ideas based on your website content 

With both options, you can view the average monthly searches, based on the last 12 months of data and the range of what advertisers have historically paid per click. This is a great way to discover potential keywords!

Google keyword planner: Step 1

Google keyword planner: Step 1.

Google keyword planner: Step 2

Google keyword planner: Step 2.

Google keyword planner: Step 3

Google keyword planner: Step 3.

Google keyword planner: Step 4

Google keyword planner: Step 4.

3. Google Trends

Go To > Enter Search Term > Related Queries 

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find the related queries section. Here you can see what users who have searched for the keyword you entered have also searched for. You can view either the Top (most popular search terms) or Rising (search terms with the biggest increase in frequency). Top search terms tend to have a higher associated cost and competition while rising search terms present an opportunity to tap into a market before it potentially becomes a top search term.

Google trends: Step 1

Google Trends: Step 1.

Google trends: Step 2

Google Trends: Step 2.

4. Related Search Terms

Google Search > Scroll To The Bottom > Related Searches

Type your product or service into the search box, then scroll to the bottom and check out the related searches section – these could be great potential keywords. Click on one then repeat the process to go keyword surfing!

Related search terms.

5. Auto-Complete Suggestions

Open Incognito Window > Type A Google Search > View Auto-Complete Suggestions

Open up Google in an incognito window and type in your search term, but don’t click enter! Look at the auto-complete suggestions for more ideas. The more specific keywords you use, the more detailed the suggestions will be. (Ie use Google search campaign keywords instead of keywords)

Auto-complete suggestions.

So there you have it – 5 easy ways to discover new keywords for your search campaigns! These ideas are great to use to brainstorm a few initial ideas that you can develop into a wider Google search campaign strategy.

If you or your company are interested in knowing more about how to run top-performing google campaigns MIRA is Google Pay Per Click Agency; email us at to find out more.

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Tired of Marketing Holding You Back?


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