Digital Marketing Trends to be prepared for this year

Top digital marketing trends and must haves for 2023

Changing consumer trends, industry news, and digital advances. Every day we as marketers are bombarded with the latest developments, and truthfully, it’s hard to keep up!

But don’t fret, we at MIRA are here to lend a helping hand. Get ready for your rundown on the key digital marketing trends to be prepared for this year…

#1 Smarter Copy

2023…the year we now have shorter attention spans than a goldfish. Scary thought isn’t it? It goes to show how much over-consumption has had an impact on our concentration levels, with attention span levels coming in at a staggering 8 seconds this year.

That means we as marketers have just 8 seconds to grab the attention of our consumers. 8 seconds? Seems almost impossible. But don’t panic, this ever-growing challenge can actually be quite simply overcome. Your copy needs to be smarter. 

Consumers crave simplicity, they crave transparency and they crave authenticity. Implementing smart copy techniques can open up a whole world of possibilities to stand out and stimulate engagement. A simple, well-thought-out subject line, website header, or social media post can grab the attention of your audience and ignite a response to find out more. In short, your copy needs to be witty, it needs to be meaningful, and it needs to be unique, whilst portraying your core message in just a few words. 

But how do you do this? A good starting point is to tell a story, utilise personalisation, shock, interest or intrigue your audience. Whatever method you chose to use, the central aspect to remember is to truly get to know your audience. Work out what will resonate with them and how to communicate this and watch your engagement rates increase.

#2 Video Marketing is here to stay

Last year, we saw video marketing lead the way in digital promotions, and in 2023 it comes as no surprise that we will continue to see it grow. 

With the popularity of TikTok and Instagram Reels rapidly increasing, consumers want quick, snackable content. Video marketing is a great way to inform and truly connect with your audience, it stimulates engagement and puts a face to your brand. The more personable your videos are, the better. 

We all want to stay relevant. So what better way than appearing in the channels and content where your customers are today? Video marketing won’t be fading away anytime soon, so be prepared.

#3 Is email marketing the way forward?

Over the last year, we saw a heavy focus on customer acquisition. However, this heavy focus often left the undeniable power of retention marketing to be forgotten. With rising customer acquisition costs, this year is expected to see more and more brands leveraging email marketing to re-engage existing customers and drive repeat purchases.

Brand loyalty really is the way forward this year, and building those core customer relationships is the main focus. Email marketing has the ability to stimulate meaningful connections with your audience, whilst maintaining key engagement. It’s a no-brainer really.

#4 Social Transformation

Gone are the days of seeing socials simply as just another channel to push sales messages, this year we are set to see an even bigger focus on community-purposed content. People buy from people and consumers want human brands. Utilising your content to build relationships, stimulate discussions, offer opinions, and create meaningful connections will enable you to stand out in over-saturated markets this year. 

More than ever, in 2023, consumers want to engage with authentic brands that their values align with. If you can take advantage of your social channels and use them to communicate your brand ethos and beliefs rather than solely pushing a sales message, you will soon see results.

#5 Omni-Channel Strategies

We all know how important customer journeys are, and if the past year in digital marketing has shown us anything, it’s that integrated digital journeys are more important than ever. This year we are set to see the lines between digital channels continue to blur, as customers increasingly use multiple channels.

 It’s unlikely that brands will be able to simply rely on one singular channel this year, as the digital world advances and consumers have the ability to watch a promotional video online, browse the website on their desktop and read customer reviews on their mobile device at ease. Adopting an omnichannel strategy this year will enable brands to easily communicate with customers in a variety of creative and engaging ways, inevitably driving sales and customer retention.

#6 AI Advances

Surprise surprise…there are more developments in the world of AI. But the latest AI-powered search engine optimisation advances are set to be very beneficial to both customers and marketers this year. 

Think interactive chat systems, advanced search capabilities, and more rigorous answers…AI will definitely enhance user experiences this year. In addition, AI-powered SEO upgrades will also improve CRM and ad performance with its clever ability to rest in real-time. It’s a win-win.

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Lucy Reed – Marketing Executive at MIRA