How To Optimise Your Advertising Strategy To Deliver More Targeted Ad Campaigns

Optimise Advertising 1

In order for ecommerce brands to build top-of-funnel awareness and grow their customer base, it is necessary to use paid advertising as a key channel. However, advertising on third-party platforms has become increasingly more challenging and costly due to several factors. This includes the intensifying of data privacy restrictions, paid advertising becoming more competitive and advertisers no longer being able to rely on cookies for web tracking data.

To deliver more relevant and targeted display ads, advertisers should use first-party data to optimise digital advertising strategies. First-party data allows you to understand your audience better. By analysing customer behaviour, preferences, and demographics. This increases the relevance of your ads to individual users, making them more likely to engage and convert.

Our email marketing partners, Klaviyo, offer integrations with popular advertising channels and networks, simplifying optimising first-party data. This is through built-in segments that can automatically sync and be used as advertising audiences, which results in higher conversion rates and a better return on advertising spend

Split audiences into built segments

Segment data helps advertisers define specific audience segments based on various criteria such as demographics, behaviours, or interests. We recommend:

  • VIP customers (your top 10% of customers, based on revenue)
  • Potential purchases (people who engaged with your brand but has yet to make a purchase)
  • High churn risk (customers with a high likelihood of cancelling their subscription)
  • Cart abandoners (customers who added items to their cart, but left without making a purchase)

Doing this will allow you to retarget selected segments interested in your products or services with specific, highly-personalised ads. This can lead to higher conversion rates as you re-engage with users who are already familiar with your brand. However, Exclude select segments from future email marketing campaigns to avoid targeting those who recently purchased or have a low intent to buy. 

Sync to your ad platform

Klaviyo offers an integration that allows advertisers to sync segment data to popular ad platforms automatically. By syncing this data, advertisers can target their audience more precisely, personalise ad content, optimise budget allocation, and adapt to changes in customer behaviour. Advertisers can also use existing profile data to target new audiences who are in the top purchasing category. This increases the chances of engagement, resulting in more effective and efficient advertising campaigns

Use data for ad campaigns

Reach qualified buyers through your Search, Display, Social and Video ad campaigns by tailoring with segment data to reach and resonate with qualified buyers. This increases the likelihood of driving meaningful conversions and ultimately improving the overall return on advertising spend.

Integrations to optimise paid ad strategies

Multiple platforms allow advertisers to use first-party data to deliver more effective advertising campaigns. Integrations within Klaviyo allows users to connect with the most popular advertising solutions without data inaccuracies, lack of integrations or procurement issues. This includes platforms such as Meta, Google Ads and Criteo. 

Optimise paid ad strategies

Facebook offers advertising tools that help brands grow their business. Facebook targeted ads can be displayed across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. The key use cases within Klaviyo consist of: synced lists and segments to Facebook as custom audiences to advertise to subscribers, creating lookalike audiences and adding email and SMS subscribers who sign up from Facebook Lead Ad Forms. 

Google Ads allows brands to create online ads to reach people exactly when they are interested in the products or in the services they offer. Google Ads can appear on Google search sites, Google search partners, and the Google Display Network. The key use cases within Klaviyo consist of: retargeting existing profiles through lists and segmenting data, excluding segments from future ads, using profiles to create similar profiles and observing how a specific audience is performing. 

Criteo allows advertisers to have direct access to premium publishers over the open internet. The key use cases within Klaviyo consist of: retargeting existing profiles using list and segment data and using existing profiles to establish intent-based audiences to attract new customers.

We hope this has helped further your understanding on how to optimise your advertising strategy to deliver more targeted ad campaigns. Need help increasing your return on ad spend? We’d love to chat! Get in touch today.