Meta’s New Partnership with Amazon

Amazon Meta partnership

Meta has introduced a new feature for U.S. Amazon shoppers. The partnership will allow users to link their Instagram and Facebook accounts to their Amazon. The shoppers who click on an Amazon advertisement on their feeds, will then see a shops-like experience to make the purchase with their prime account. This means they will now have the ability to purchase products which are advertised on their feeds, without having to leave the platform app or enter any card details.

This new feature has been described as “the most significant ad product of the year” in a recent Linkedin post by Maurice Rahmey, the Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Disruptive Digital. Here’s why: 

Relevant Ads 

The partnership will allow Meta to collect and analyse data on Amazon customers, such as whether or not they are a Prime member. This means the ads will be tailored with specific messaging, product pages, pricing and shipping estimates, based on Amazon’s consumer data. Personalised ads contribute to a more personalised online experience for users. Tailoring content to individual preferences not only improves the effectiveness of advertising but also contributes to a sense of personalisation and customisation in the online environment.

Higher conversion rates

This new feature will allow customers to check out fast and efficiently on ads, once they link their social media and Amazon accounts. These better-targeted campaigns with a quick purchase ability will likely resonate more with the consumers and encourage higher conversion rates.

Amazon and Meta

Enhanced Optimisation and Targeting

Meta now has the ability to offer Buy with Prime to show consumer’s ads, by collecting and analysing data from Amazon for tailored ads. Meta will be able to understand consumer’s needs and preference better, and deliver content that aligns with this to enhance the overall shopping experience. This ensures that Meta will be able to make informed decisions to improve targeted ads. 

Significant Revenue

This new collaboration between Meta, Amazon and its advertisers could be significant for new revenue opportunities. This is through better ad signals for Meta from Amazon, and more attributable conversions that will increase client investments. Amazon will also receive more transaction fees from its presence on popular social media platforms, meaning more sales on their platform compared to other retailers. Sellers will gain more conversions with another sales channel, and have a direct link between a top ad platform and retailer partner.

Our Paid Social Manager Alina, thinks…

Streamlining the purchasing process from Meta ads to Amazon will decrease friction points and in turn see an uplift in conversions. This is great news for businesses that sell on Amazon, however taking orders through your website should be priority as you can utilise the first-party data you receive. When a customer buys through your website, you can use their details to create further marketing strategies based on the data they provide such as emails, retargeting and lookalike audiences on facebook

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