Facebook launches new e-commerce features

Following an update from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, it looks like Facebook is launching some new e-commerce features to help online retailers get their products discovered by more customers.

Rumours have been afoot for a while now about what Facebook’s solution will be to the disruptions caused to their Pixel by the Apple iOS 14 update. With customers increasingly turning to Facebook as a discovery engine and over 330 million visitors each month to the 1.9 million shops on Facebook alone; it comes as no surprise that Facebook is looking to expand their online platform to become the go-to place for consumers to search for, engage with and purchase from their favourite brands.

Facebook & WhatsApp Shops 👇

Once a business has set up its Facebook Shop, its products will be eligible to appear across the Shop tabs on Instagram and Facebook. Consumers will be able to browse a Shop’s products on WhatsApp and chat about specific items before making a purchase.

In the coming months, Visual Search will be introduced across Instagram’s platform. This will give users the ability to find similar products to an image they click on and will be used as part of Facebook’s Shop discovery.

Personalised Ads 👇

A new style of ad is also in the works at Facebook HQ, designed to personalise the shopping experience based on the consumers previous shopping behaviour. Depending on where the consumer is most likely to make a purchase, they will either be directed towards a Shop’s curated collection or to the website.

Augmented Reality Experience 👇

Facebook is developing new API’s to create an augmented reality experience so consumers can “try on” clothes online before buying, potentially leading the way to an easier, faster and more cost-effective e-commerce experience for brands and consumers alike!

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