GA4’s Impact, Meta’s Threads & Microsoft’s AI Tools by MIRA Marketing

GA4 arrived last week, which side of the fence are you on?

Meta’s Twitter rival is arriving in the app store tomorrow and Microsoft is announcing new AI-powered shopping tools.

MIRA Marketing providing you a rundown on the digital updates this week:

📱 Meta’s ‘Twitter killer’ app is arriving tomorrow
‘Threads’ is Meta’s rival to Twitter, a text-based social media app. Coming at a critical moment for Twitter, it’s one to look out for.

🔐 Google’s privacy policy is raising questions
As they have more or less implied that it will now use all public web content to feed its AI projects.

🤖 Microsoft has announced new AI-powered shopping tools
In a nutshell, Edge and Bing will now use GPT to generate buying guides.

💻 Google has launched two new features for search and pMax campaigns
Including brand restriction for search campaigns and brand traffic exclusions from pMax.

A glimpse at what is to come on Friday…

We’ve had a lot of fun this week coming up with basketball email marketing related puns…

Have we got you confused yet? All will be revealed at our event on Friday.

From spam junk to slam dunk

On the topic of email marketing

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The wait is over

GA4 arrived last week and there have been mixed opinions to say the least.

How did you find the transition? Let us know, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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