Meta’s NEW Attribution Setting

Meta new attribution

To help advertisers capitalise on the juggernaut that is short-form video advertising, Meta is launching a new attribution setting for Facebook and Instagram video ads: Engaged-view.

What is Engaged-view attribution?

Engaged-view attribution occurs when someone views at least 10 seconds of a skippable video ad (or 97% of a video under 10 seconds), doesn’t click, but converts within 1 day. According to Meta, the only placement for which you can’t use engaged-view is unskippable in-stream Facebook video ads

Meta new attribution

How does it differ from Click-through and View-through attribution? 

Click-through attribution is measured when someone clicks your ad and completes an action. This attribution window can be either 1-day or 7-day. 

View-through attribution is measured when someone sees your ad, doesn’t click on it, but does complete an action within the attribution window. View-through is only available for a 1-day attribution window. 

Like view-through, engaged-view is a non-click form of attribution. However, someone has to spend more time viewing a video ad for it to count towards engaged-view.

What benefit does Engaged-view attribution have?

Engaged-view can give you a better understanding of how engaging your video content is and provide an insight into your customer’s journey.

For example, someone might find your video ads engaging enough that they watch those first 10 seconds, but perhaps they get distracted before they’re able to click and convert. If they then convert within the next day, you know something about that video ad has stuck in their mind. Understanding when this kind of conversion is happening can help you optimise your video ads in the future.

What could be the drawbacks?

First off, if you’re not utilising enough quality video content in your Meta ads, then it won’t be of much help to you. 

Aside from that, engaged-view attribution faces the same issue as view-through attribution, where you can’t always be certain of an ad’s influence over a conversion. Unlike with a click attribution, engaged-view doesn’t tell you that your ad has prompted an immediate action, so there may have been other factors that were more pivotal to that conversion

It’s tempting to fall back on the metrics that can make your ads seem like they’re having a bigger impact than they are. But that won’t help you optimise your campaigns in the long run, so it’s important to use engaged-view as just one part of a holistic overview. 

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