Increase Your Reach with a Google Ads Youtube Campaign

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Did you know that over 90% of people discover new brands or products on YouTube? Furthermore, YouTube ads are 84% more likely to receive attention than TV ads, with 78% of marketers saying that video ads have directly increased their sales. Now is a better time than ever to take advantage of using YouTube display ads.

The following points will transform your Google ads strategy into effective advertising. Take your videos beyond just views and increase conversions!

How Do YouTube Ads Differ To Regular Search Ads?

Google takes control over the look and feel of your ads when it comes to search or shopping campaigns. They remain consistent by the same font and character limit – making it great to use against larger scale companies as there is no bias against a higher production value video. 

However, you can leverage the visual nature of YouTube display ads through the additional features within video ads compared to search ads. These features include graphic creativity and audio, which enhances the overall impact that your ad has on the viewer and communicates your message quicker and more effectively.

Youtube display ads

4 Core Factors That You Must Consider

  1. A strong hook – you only have 6 seconds to catch that customer! Remember that your viewer has not chosen to watch your ad. You need to give them a reason to, so start considering the user journey. 
  2. Build desire/highlight a problem – consider the user’s journey. Introduce your product as a solution to their problem or something that will quench a particular desire that you have created.
  3. Closing the sale – if you’re a smaller scale business, highlighting reviews and customer testimonials will communicate trust and a sense of brand authority.
  4. Call To Action – Impose authority with a clear call to action that tells the viewer what you want them to do and how you want them to do it.

Perfect Your Account Structure

It’s crucial to ensure you separate out your audiences to get better performing and more granular insights. For example, have at least two different ad groups targeting two vastly different audiences. 

Ad group 1 should focus on large YouTube channels, magnifying the most common interests of their viewers. Although this is a more generalised view of audiences, it can help you gain a concept around where your optimal audience lies. 

Whereas ad group 2 lies on the other end of the spectrum. Target your ads towards smaller channels but contain viewers who are more likely to be within the core buying market for your product/service. This can be more cost effective than striking brand deals or influencer collabs.

💡 MIRA Approved Tip:

Take this a step further by ensuring your Google Ads campaign objective is relevant to the conversion you are looking to make. We recommend “sales” for ecommerce and “leads” for lead generation campaigns, rather than “creating without goals guidance” which is often suggested. Proceeding without campaign guidance removes the conversion data that your account already holds, depriving Google of information that generates intentful and focused conversions.

Prevent unintended advertising on YouTube by excluding kids channels from your audience segment. Children typically spend a significant amount of time on their parent’s phones, so this could cause a mismatch of interest and wasted ad spend. 

As YouTube ads are a part of Pmax, Google auto generates videos for you by plugging your uploaded assets into a pre-formatted video. It’s better if you get creative and maintain your own brand style so your message remains consistent across multiple channels. This can help with building brand recognition and awareness.

To Conclude…

YouTube ads are generally a great addition to pay per click marketing to increase brand exposure whilst boosting performance, especially if you are promoting sales, a product launch or a new service. They allow for a straightforward set up by leveraging audiences from existing search campaigns you already have in your account. 

Here at MIRA, we’re the experts in pay per click and would love to chat about how we can run your YouTube ads for you. Get in touch today!