Power your ads and drive performance ahead of the holiday season

Summer has officially come to an end, and sooner or later the holiday season will be approaching and we all want to be prepared.

According to recent statistics, over 74% of online shoppers plan their holiday shopping ahead of time, and with consumer spending pressure due to inflation, it’s never been more important to optimise your campaigns for profitable sales.

Google Ads new features and insights can help you do exactly that.

What can we expect to see?

1) Attract customers on multi-channel paths to purchase

Gone are the days of singular paths to purchase online, in the modern day over 61% of online shoppers use 5 channels or more.

Great news for all of us e-commerce nerds! Allowing for more opportunities to insert ourselves into our customer’s buyer journeys and expand our own customer bases… Christmas really has come early.

✅ New Customer Acquisition with High-Value optimisation enables you to simultaneously reach new high- and average-valued new customers while also engaging existing customers.

✅ ‘Pickup Later’ annotations will now be available for all merchants who don’t have a local inventory feed. 

✅ Expanded access to the Search top slot ad format, displays your key business information with the right business actions such as directions or calls.

Google ads performance

2) New insights

✅ Supercharged product pages, allowing you to see more details about product issues, such as high bidding targets, out-of-stock inventory, or missing feed information.

✅ Better understand your performance, including specific categories, brands, product types, and custom labels to help you make smarter campaign and inventory decisions.

Google ads performance

3) Make your products sparkle

It’s more important than ever to display your products in the best possible light. Provide details such as fulfilment speed, cost, colour, and size to give you the best chance to capture sales.

✅ Deals and shipping annotations on your Shopping ads and free listings will get more visibility and personalisation than ever before.

✅ A new suite of free AI-powered tools in the merchant centre will help you provide more creative variations of your product images.

Need help getting prepared for the holiday season? We’d love to chat. Get in touch today and let us help you.