The Biggest Meta Ads Updates From 2023

Meta Updates Cover 1 1

Meta Updates Cover 1 1

2023 has seen plenty of new features and updates for Meta Ads which we’ve been using in our campaigns for clients. Here are 5 additions and updates from the past year that we think you should be aware of 👇

      1. Meta Verification and Meta Certification 

    In January, Meta announced its Meta Certified Company program. Companies and organisations could now apply for certifications as recognition of expertise in different skills on Meta platforms. There are 5 different specialist areas your company can gain certification for: Media, Marketing Science, Creative Strategy, Community Management, and Meta Spark Creation. These badges can set apart your business from competitors by proving you really know your stuff, similar to the existing Meta Business Partner program that MIRA is proud to be part of. 

    On the topic of credibility, back in February, it was announced that users would soon be able to sign up for a new paid subscription called Meta Verified. This introduced verified badges to confirm a user’s identity on Facebook and Instagram, protecting them from impersonation and increasing their visibility. This feature was then rolled out to businesses beginning in September, providing more reassurance to customers that they were dealing with an authentic business.  

        1. Updates to lead gen forms

      Lead generation forms are a brilliant way to encourage audiences to engage with your business through platforms outside of Meta, especially through capturing data for email lists. Meta has made changes this year to make their lead gen form feature even better by adding conditional logic options. As explained by Meta, this allows you to create dynamic forms that “change what question or landing page a person sees next based on their answer in real-time”, and filter out anyone who isn’t viable as a lead. 

          1. Updated Performance 5 

        In June, Meta announced the new Performance 5, an updated version of the original guide which provides five best practices to boost your ad performance. These include utilising the Conversions API, simplifying your account, diversifying ads by concept and format, and optimising videos for mobile and ad testing.

            1. The AI Sandbox

          Back in 2022, we saw the introduction of the Meta Advantage suite, a series of AI-powered tools that have been game-changers in 2023, particularly Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns. This year, Meta introduced their AI Sandbox, a “testing playground for early versions of new tools and features, including generative AI-powered ad tools”. Text variation, background generation, and image outcropping are some of the tools being gradually introduced to advertisers. providing a peek into the future of ad content generation.

              1. Tailored Campaigns

            It can be difficult to know how to best optimise your ad campaigns on Meta platforms, especially if you’re new to using Ads Manager. Tailored campaigns are campaigns “preloaded with optimal settings” that can be quickly implemented with very little meddling needed on your part. Tailored campaigns can currently be optimised for Messages (Engagement), Sales, Leads, and Traffic. However, these have not yet been rolled out to all advertisers. 

            If you want to discover more ways to implement META Advertising platforms, for example, Facebook Advertising or Instagram Advertising. Then drop us a message to see how we can help.