How To Make The Most Ad Returns From A Small Budget

Small Ads Budget

Around 80% of internet users see ads through Google’s Display Network on a daily basis, with 65% of small companies gaining customers this way, states Gitnux

Pay per click marketing is the perfect starting point if you’re a small business. It allows for brand discoverability from relevant audience as you target specific demographics, interests and behaviours, meaning viewers are more likely to turn into actual customers and generate conversions. 

Using Google Ads is a sure-fire way to make money from PPC marketing as it allows your small business to take on larger industry competitors within your same niche. Theres a lack of bias as all ads look uniform to one another, therefore making it hard to tell a part wealthy businesses from your own small business. As a result, these competitors won’t have a ‘bigger budget’ advantage over you as the production value of ads are always the same. Join us as we explain some small budget, simple strategies that you can implement into your account to start seeing success today!

Small Ads Budget

Start Small, Branch Out Big

Starting small and gradually scaling up budget investments as you obtain more data serves as a proactive approach that prevents any marketing mishaps. Here at MIRA, we do just that. When onboarding new clients, some of which with limited or no prior marketing experience, we focus our attention toward carefully choosing audience segments based upon our own research. This deliberate choice allows us to fine-tune our strategy as we go, as we gauge the audience’s response and make optimisations with this data. Starting small and expanding with our insights not only ensures a smooth transition for our clients but also enhances the overall efficiency of our campaigns. 

Aggressive Ad Copy

In paid search, remember that you only pay when someone clicks onto your ad. So it’s crucial to optimise for quality clicks rather than simply aiming for high-click through rates!  It’s better for someone to see your ad and not click, rather than clicking to only bounce off within a few seconds because it does not align with exactly what they are looking for which as a result wastes your budget.

Crafting an aggressive ad copy will filter out ‘waste of time’ clicks. By incorporating explicit pricing information in your headline/copy, including clear limitations of your products, making it very clear what your product/service is, you can deter users that are unlikely to convert. This highlights the importance of why investing in an experienced, qualified copywriter can keep you at the pinnacle of success.

As an agency, we implement this strategy by conducting in-depth competitor research to stay ahead of industry trends. Our commitment goes further as we ensure precision in our copy by including tangible results and tapping into emotional triggers that resonate with prospects. These are the kinds of ideas that get those conversions! As well as this, we always ensure to stay on top of our game by keeping up to date with Google Ads Certifications – the leader of expertise in PPC. This continuous learning ensures that our strategies are aligned with industry best practices, ultimately contributing to our efficiency in delivering successful Google Ads Campaigns.

Conversion Tracking

So we now know how to get conversions, but how do you track them? By setting up conversion tracking in Google Ads Management, you can see how effective your ad clicks are to give you valuable customer activity on your website (purchases or sign-ups). Based on these insights, you can fine-tune your campaigns by directing money in a direction that will drive more traffic to your site, increase calls, generate more customers – the possibilities are endless!

When tracking conversions you’ll be able to:

  • See which keywords, ads, ad groups and campaigns are performing best for driving conversions.
  • Understand your ROI, which enables you to make more informed decisions about your ad spend for your next campaigns.
  • Begin experimenting with different Smart Bidding strategies that will help you automatically optimise your campaigns in line with your conversion goals.
  • Understand your customers’ behaviour better.

Sound good to you? Or are you not sure where to start and are in need of some professional advice? Our PPC team is here to help you. Get in touch with us today!