Google Lead Generation Top Tactics

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Are you looking to generate high quality leads for your business? If you are, you might not be seeing much return. Perhaps you are targeting audiences too broadly, which is a common Google Ads mistake. 

Lead generation involves finding an audience that’s interested in purchasing your promoted product/service. Conversions don’t necessarily mean money like they would if you were an e-commerce business, but rather a phone call, form submission or an email sent. 

As mentioned above, you may have fallen into the trap of generalising your audience too much and therefore struggling to find ‘hot’, ‘ready to convert’ leads. Firstly, you must zone in on your most profitable product/service and focus on this to prevent your ad spend amount being dispersed too widely. Not following this strategy could make it difficult to optimise your account, find good keywords, create relevant ads – we could go on. So, it really pays to take our word on this one!  

Google Lead Generation

Further ways that you can grab high quality leads are…

Creating A Feeling Of Authority

The ultimate goal here is to have such a strong sense of brand authority, by becoming so well known in your target market that people are proactively searching for your brand.

Social media is so prominent nowadays that choosing to not use it is wildly out of the question. Speaking from a consumer standpoint, it’s highly likely that if a potential lead is not fully convinced, they will check your socials. You have more than likely done this yourself too – giving an even bigger incentive to magnify your social media marketing game! 

Establish your brand identity and follow this so your feed is visually aesthetic and cohesive. Be incredibly helpful and put the viewer in a position where they feel like they would be missing out by not at least trying your product/service!

Optimising Landing Pages

This is the page where potential leads will arrive after clicking on your display ads, so this must be created with the customer in mind. After all, it’s where the magic happens – but only if you let it! 

An optimised landing page contributes to a better ad quality score, allowing you to rank higher in Google’s search engine and pay a lower cost-per-click (CPC). A few things that you can do to get to this point include…

  1. Keep the message consistent.
  2. Have a prominently placed CTA.
  3. Include a lead capture.
  4. Make the page engaging and visually appealing.

Use Remarketing

A powerful way to generate high quality leads is by re-engaging with those users who have previously visited your site, by adding remarketing to your marketing strategy. These ‘warm’, familiar customers already know your purpose and have considered your services before. 

Remarketing is such an important tool because it works! In fact, compared to a regular website visitor, users that are targeted via this form of advertising are 70% more likely to convert on an offer (states an Adobe survey).

For example, targeting users with Google display ads incorporates a creative and visual element to remind the user of the benefits your service withholds. As a result, this reinforces your brand into the minds of your audience, leading to a higher probability of converting. 

So what makes MIRA different from the rest? We utilise your own data by adding first party audience segments to our remarketing strategies. With the phase out of Google’s third party cookies, the use of first party data is important now more than ever! Capitalising on this ensures that ads are served only to the right people, preventing a waste of ad spend and time.

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