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Paid media buying specialists to help elevate your sales and brand through Facebook & Instagram Ads.

We Analyse Optimise Scale Report Ads.

Why Facebook & Instagram Ads?

Your future customers are spending hours a day on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. We ensure that we are infront of them at the right time using strategic targeting, creatives and ad placement to cut through the noise of your competitors and drive results.

What we do

• Strategic plan and targetting analysis

• Use our 10 years experience to map out our target customer and how they buy

• Build out our 360 funnel method

• Build out optimal campaign structure

• Create and A/B test creatives

• Report back on our findings and scale up

Trusted Partner

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Spend across Facebook & Instagram
Over £ 1 Million
Generated across our clients on Facebook & Instagram
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Increase in customer lifetime value and brand recognition.

360 Focused Funnel Method

Understanding your customers journey is the most fundamental starting point of all your marketing efforts. We begin at the top of the funnel and ensure we are following our internal strategy to filter and flow the customer through a funnel to purchase. Multiple touch points throughout the funnel and more advanced and highly targeted marketing the further down the funnel we get is critical.

1366% Return

Hornby Hobbies COO approached us to help elevate their brand, Scalextric, specifically looking to push their products online via Facebook advertising, a platform they hadn’t used previously. MIRA assisted in generating a huge return for Scalextric across all ranges of their product line. Based on the sales volume generated Scalextric were able to accelerate the distribution of their new product lines into physical stores.

Reduced CPP and increased conversions

Tug-E-Nuff came to MIRA in May 2020 looking to increase their sales volume whilst maintaining a low cost per purchase. MIRA has since then scaled Tug-E-Nuff from under 50 purchases per month to over 2,000 on Facebook alone, generating a huge return and keeping their average cost per purchase below £8 with an average 400% return on investment.

Generated over $1 Million

Livesore is a fitness wear brand that we have been working with for over a year. Livesore came to us with a goal to ramp up their sales and start driving the brand forward in the USA. Since taking the client onboard, we have generated over $350,000 per month on Facebook Ads alone, leading to record months in the history of the company. 

Facebook Advertising

Let's scale together.

We integrate into our clients teams to achieve success together.

MIRA has spent years developing winning strategies through split testing, tailored audience, lookalikes and scroll-stopping creatives. 
Our vast experience in this field makes MIRA one of the most trusted advertising Facebook advertising agencies in the world – as demonstrated by our premium partner badge and an ever-growing global client base. 
Facebook and Instagram are extremely powerful online marketing platforms. With over a billion active users across the world browsing for over 2 hours per day, the opportunity to reach, engage and promote to new and specific audiences is one you can’t afford to miss out on.
At MIRA, we take the time to understand your business goals, establish your target audience and monitor, optimise and refine your advertising. Our approach not only ensures the best possible performance and return, but also helps you to beat your competitors to the punch.


We pride ourselves on being results-driven. When it comes to Facebook advertising, that often means generating return on investment for our partners. We have the expertise and ability to scale your budgets while maintaining consistent revenue, and you only need to check our case studies below to see proof of that.

Ads that convert

We’ve spent hundreds of thousands of pounds just testing adverts. We know what converts and we know how to get the most for your money. Boosted posts and generic graphics are the quickest route to wasted ad spend. Our team creates and implements winning creatives to go alongside an effective strategy that stop the scroll, win clicks and create conversions.

Planning & Execution

Our expert team tailor strategies and lend from our past successes to help your business achieve its goals. We spend everyday on Facebook, working with businesses of all sizes in the media buying space. We monitor, tweak, test, plan and scale advanced audience targeting to ensure your ads are put in front of the right people.

Advanced Targeting

We funnel an audience of over one billion daily active users down into hyper-targeted audiences of potential customers, delivering more engagement, more leads and more sales. We take emails and create pools of lookalikes, use advanced custom audiences and track, analyse, test and iterate to optimise your ads.