AI, TikTok and Building your Email and SMS List

Facebook Lead Ads

Could AI be the future of advertising?

If you haven’t already seen Coca-Cola’s generative AI ad, then where have you been? There’s many questions for what the future could hold for advertising…

TikTok continues to help local businesses

As they lead the way in the move to social search, with their new search engine Business Discovery Elements.

TikTok helping local businesses

When posting a video, users now have the ability to tag locations, and if it’s a business, the platform will prompt users to write a review.

A great way for local businesses to drive awareness, thank you, TikTok!

Everyone’s talking about…Coca-Cola’s AI-generated ad

Named a ‘branding masterpiece’ by many, Coca-Cola is the first brand giant to use generative AI in its commercial advertising.

Coca-Cola's AI-generated ad

Delving into the mind of a young artist dozing in an art gallery, the ad takes us through a series of famous artwork coming to life, with the classic Coca-Cola bottle as the focal point throughout.

Many are questioning whether AI could be the future of advertising, but what do you think?

Did you know that Facebook can help you build your email and SMS list?

With Facebook’s lead ads, audiences can simply tap your ad and a pre-populated form pops up. Looks like finding leads just got easier than ever before.

Facebook helping build email and SMS list

What’s even better is that these leads are ones that really matter, as you can reach your specific target audience by pairing lead ads with Facebook’s audience selection and optimisation products.

A great tool to gain more leads and brand awareness.

Have you given it a go yet? If you’re yet to try, we can help – get in touch today.