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Welcome to this week’s Midweek MIRA. This week we will be discussing recent News with X, such as the platform’s announcement of the two-tier premium subscriptions, as well as TikTok’s introduction of Out of Phone programme and the latest digital updates. Enjoy!

News with X

Elon Musk has spoken on his upcoming updates for his social media platform X. Musk stated on a post within the app:

Two new tiers of X

Musk has previously stated that charging for the service of a social media platform is the solution to eliminate fake and spam accounts. Some users in America currently pay $8 a month for the blue tick subscription service, in order to verify the legitimacy of their account.

However, there will be a read-only option for non-subscribers, only giving them the ability to read posts, watch videos and follow accounts. Musk has not provided further details on his plans or whether there will be free options for users.

You can find more information on this from the BBC here.

TikTok’s introduction of Out of Phone

TikTok is introducing a new programme called “Out of Phone” through partnerships with multiple companies, to expand the platform’s advertising opportunities for brands.

Earlier this year, TikTok teamed up with Redbox, an operator of DVD rental kiosks, to feature popular short-form video content from the platform in over 3,000 Redbox kiosks nationwide. This gave brands the opportunity to use TikTok content to advertise their products outside of an online platform.

The Out of Phone programme is taking this one step further. The introduction of the programme will allow partners and brands to leverage TikTok content beyond the platform, to more real world screens. TikToks new partners include VEVO, ReachTV, Loop TV, Raydiant, GSTV, Screenvision, DIVE Billboards and Adomni. The out-of-home solution will bring campaigns to movie screens, billboards, and venues such as bars, restaurants and more!

TikTok Out of Phone

Out of Phone for Billboards:

This will take already existing campaigns and showcase them on billboards worldwide. Meaning brands will have the ability to create content for a campaign within the TikTok platform and gain authentic growth, before the campaign is then magnified to wider audiences on billboards.

Out of Phone for Cinema:

This aspect will offer further advertising opportunities for brands by allowing their content to appear on cinema screens. This means TikTok will take over the screen prior to the film, showcasing a segment of TikTok’s top content, whilst also giving brands the opportunity to advertise their products alongside the content.

More venues:

Due to TikTok’s out-of-home partnerships with multiple venues, the possibilities for brands to connect with audiences are endless. TikTok will only be sharing up-to-date content from the platform and will tailor the content to appeal to audiences in specific venues and locations.

The Global Head of Distribution, Dan Page, stated “With Out of Phone, we’re taking TikTok beyond the palm of our hands and into everyday life”. So, keep a look out for these new partnerships, it looks like TikTok really could take over the world.

TikTok Out of Phone

Take a look at this week’s digital updates:

TikTok’s new partnership with Entrupy

👛 This means the platform can authenticate luxury products.

TikTok has launched a new feature

🔔 There is now a Parents of TikTok hub.

X has created a new ad format

🌐 Meaning the platform can’t be reported or blocked.

X has plans to remove features from the platform

👁️ This includes buttons and engagement counts so only views will remain visible.

WhatsApp is introducing a new update

📲 Users will have the ability to switch between two accounts on the same device.

Instagram’s Reels Play Bonus feature

🤚 Has been paused without plans to return.

Thanks for checking out this week’s Midweek MIRA, see you next time 👋

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