Will AI surpass the need for human creativity?

AI this, AI that, as the intelligence enters a feverish hype cycle, it really does seem to be all that anyone is talking about. But the hottest topic is leading to a lot of controversies, worries, and excitement. So, it was only right that we joined in on the debate.

In the past decade, we have seen unimaginable creative growth in the technology. From composing music, writing poetry and even mimicking the styles of great painters. This was scary enough. Or do you find yourself entirely immersed in its fascination?

However you view it, what is undeniable, is that the latest advancements in AI content generation and the part it now plays in key creative decisions by major brands have sparked a wave of anxious questions. How far should AI be going in the creative process? What does the future hold for human imagination?

AI mimicking Van Gogh’s famous work

As the corporate race for AI dominance continues, the latest progressions are from DDB with their AI-powered creative proposal tool. ‘The Uncreative Agency’ can generate unique creative solutions in less than a minute based on a simple one-sentence brief. A comprehensive campaign proposal, with no human interaction and zero budget, produced faster than the human mind can even think, and is authentic? You can quickly see how this technology could soon become our future.

Is this the rise of machine-made creativity?

In other news, Coca-Cola has struck a partnership with OpenAI and Bain Consultancy this week. The first major brand to dive deep into the AI game. This comes as no surprise, as interest in the technology’s possibilities is constantly on the rise. It is predicted that many other industry top dogs will soon follow suit. 

“We are very excited about what AI can do for us and may do for us in upping our game in terms of marketing creativity.” – James Quincey, CEO of Coke

If more and more market-leading brands embark on the AI journey and choose to enhance their marketing efforts with AI intelligence. It leads us to question whether smaller and competing brands will be forced to join the AI alliance, simply in an attempt to keep up.

Introducing the new age: where the creative human mind is inadequate.

Now, this anxiety-provoking talk isn’t good for anyone. We can speculate all we want, but no one actually wants AI to outsmart the human mind. Experts state that if used correctly, the intelligence can become a true creative partner. 

The truth of the matter is that AI is data-driven and logical in nature, leaving little room for emotive creativity and genuine originality. (Sigh of relief!) But nevertheless, if AI is used alongside the talented creative minds of the world, something undoubtedly groundbreaking could emerge.

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