TikTok Launches Shopping Page

TikTok is introducing a new style of shopping culture to highly engaged customers, by connecting them with brands and creators and delivering products based on their interests. This gives marketers the ability to hold an entire buyer journey within the TikTok platform. 

Over 1.7 billion people turn to TikTok to watch short-form videos, stay up-to-date with content from their favourite creators – including current trends, latest fashion and beauty advice, recipes, and much more. The popularity of the app and community-driven trends encourage people to share and discover products they love.

TikTok Shop

What does this mean for offers?

Shop Tab: Businesses are able to display their products within a new marketplace, where customers can easily search and discover promotions. Product recommendations for the customers are showcased through product listings and tagged content. This can be managed by customers all within a single tab on the platform.

In-Feed Video and LIVE shopping: customers are able to shop tagged products directly from videos or LIVEs on the TikTok For You Page.

Product Showcase: this is your storefront and allows you to view product titles, create custom product collections, and read through reviews. Businesses can also sell directly from their account on TikTok. 

TikTop Shop

Shop Ads: The new TikTok Shop Ads offer more opportunities for merchants to promote their TikTok Shops. It also gives customers the ability to discover and complete purchases all within the same platform.

Fulfilled by TikTok: The platform’s newest logistics solution that lets sellers focus on their products while TikTok Shop takes care of storing, packing and shipping the sellers’ products to customers.

Affiliate Program: Merchants can connect with creators through product marketing opportunities and establish commission-based deals. 

Secure Checkout: TikTok integrates trusted third party payment platforms in order to facilitate transactions on TikTok Shop. This will ensure a fast and secure checkout process.

TikTok Shop is establishing a place for customers to experience the ease of discovering and purchasing new products all on one platform. We hope this list has helped you gain an understanding towards the TikTok buyer’s journey. Interested in how social media advertising on TikTok could drive your business growth? We’d love to chat. Get in touch today and let us help you.