The AI evolution: are you ready to work smarter?

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Yawn…someone is talking about AI again. But there’s a pretty good reason why it’s the most talked about topic in the industry at the moment.

We’ve even heard people argue that it’s as revolutionary as when the internet first arrived.

…now, this could be pushing it. However, what is undeniable is the technologies power on boosting productivity.

It really seems like every day we are getting streams of new updates from major players, as the race for AI dominance grows stronger, and it’s probably because we actually are. 

We, therefore, thought we’d lend a helping hand amidst this time of rapid change, and compile together the latest AI-powered workspace tools.

Go on, grab a cuppa and sit back, relax, and learn how to supercharge your workflow today with the help of AI.

#1 Time Management

Time management. For some, this is second nature, but for others, it can be a daily challenge. Say hello to…AI-powered time management. 

AI time management tools are typically found in the form of apps or browser extensions. Since every user is different and everyone works in their own way, the technology can uniquely cater to your personal needs. From simply entering your deadlines and scheduled meetings, the intelligence integrates with all workspace apps to plan out your whole week by generating time blocks for intense focus to save you time and boost productivity.

Has it got your attention yet? I know it’s got ours.

Alongside this, the tools will also block distracting websites, encouraging you to solely focus on one task at a time during its assigned block. Many companies have already been taking advantage of the technology to keep track of billable hours for clients and manage team projects through collaboration. 

Some of the most popular time management tools this year are:


Notion AI

My Hours

I guess what’s important here is that we’re not telling artificial intelligence to do our work for us. Our human minds need time to be creative and imaginative, and delegating mundane tasks like time management is an excellent way for us to focus more of our energy and time on the important stuff.

“To reconnect to the soul of our work, we don’t just need a better way of doing the same things. We need a whole new way to work.”

Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft Modern Work & Business Applications

#2 Workplace Chat Apps

The likes of Slack and Teams have already transformed the way a lot of businesses work and communicate. But now, with the collaboration of AI on the apps, the possibilities for productivity seem endless.

Gone are the days of wasting time, mindlessly scrolling through conversations to try and find the summary and some sort of answer. Now, the AI-powered tool can summarise threads in seconds to quickly catch up on any channel. Hello, productivity!

Now if this wasn’t useful enough, the technology can also act as a virtual assistant on the chat application. You can now tap into specific tools to research and learn about any topic, creating experts directly from the chat systems. Alongside this, you basically get a writing assistance as the intelligence helps you draft and edit messages in mere seconds.

#3 Google Workspace and Microsoft Copilot

So, we’ve seen AI-powered time management and AI chat application assistants. But now, we welcome a whole new era of productivity. 

Google and Microsoft are undoubtedly at the heart of the race for AI dominance. Just last week, both companies simultaneously launched their generative suites of AI-powered workspace tools…and both are pretty groundbreaking.

Introducing: our new collaborative partners.

To name a few features, you now can…

  • Jumpstart the creative process in your Docs and PowerPoints. Never again will you waste time pondering looking at a blank slate. Now, the new AI partners will generate drafts for your work for you to start and iterate from.
  • Similar to the chat application assistants we looked at, the collaborative partners will now summarise long email threads and draft instant replies in both Gmail and Outlook.
  • Now think about online meetings. They have already revolutionised the way we work, saving a lot of businesses time and money. However, like any meeting, points can often get missed and overlooked…we’re only human! 

Well no more, now the technology can summarise key talking points as specifically as who said what and who agreed or disagreed. Then, turning this into strategic action points all in real-time during a meeting. Productivity as we’ve never seen before.

It truly does seem like the future of work is here, and it’s powered by AI. But notice how the intelligence isn’t purposed for us to sit back and let it do the work for us. It’s all about saving us time, we are the experts, and the technology is here to allow us to simply work smarter.

Lucy Reed – Marketing Executive at MIRA