Is TikTok and Short-Form Videos on the Decline?


In this blog we are looking at the cyber security risks of TikTok and how short-form videos are on the decline. Whilst AI, is still going strong – we are discussing if the technology’s power is boosting productivity.

Is this goodbye TikTok?

The UK, New Zealand, Belgium and Canada are some of the first countries to ban the app from government mobile phones due to cyber security risks. It’s said that many other countries will soon follow suit.

Tiktok marketing

As suspicion over TikTok continues to heighten, the US has threatened to completely ban the app if ByteDance doesn’t sell its stake.

Does this make you think twice about using the ever-popular app? However you feel, brands may be forced to picture life after TikTok.

The AI evolution: are you ready to work smarter?

Yes, I know, we’re mentioning AI again. But there’s a reason why it’s the most talked about topic in the industry at the moment.

Some are even arguing that it’s as revolutionary as when the internet first arrived…this could be pushing it. However, what is undeniable is the technology’s power on boosting productivity.

How to supercharge your workflow with AI

…and if this wasn’t enough, here are our top AI-powered tools you can implement today to work smarter.

AI-powered time management. Have you tried this yet? By simply entering your deadlines and scheduled meetings, the tool plans out your week by generating time blocks for intense focus, whilst blocking distracting websites to save time and boost overall productivity. A lifesaver for many of us.


Chat apps combined with AI. Gone are the days of wasting time scrolling through conversations on the likes of Slack and Teams. Now, AI can summarise threads in seconds to quickly catch up on any channel. Hello, productivity!

Google workspace and Microsoft Copilot. Two companies at the heart of the race for AI dominance, with two revolutionary AI-powered collaborative partners. A new era for improved workflow and productivity.

Read more about this here.

In other news…are short-form videos on the decline?

According to a recent study, long-form videos are the fastest-growing segment in 2023. Is this the year we see the fall in short-form videos?

Short-form videos

This week, we dived into the debate over the future of video marketing. Read more here.

Looking for other ways to advertise away from short-form videos? Here at MIRA, we offer a range of services to help you boost your business. Get in touch today.