Boost Ad Results with Performance 5 & Meet Temu: MIRA’s Midweek Update

Want to improve your ad results?

We’re giving you five data-proven tactics to power your ads with Performance 5.

Say hello to Temu, the latest online-shopping app that’s already knocked out the likes of Amazon and Shein.

Grab a cuppa, take five and catch up on everything you need to know this week with your Midweek MIRA.

Time is ticking!

Make sure you’ve made the migration to GA4, as come July 1st, Universal Analytics will be switched off for good.

Feel like you’re running out of time and don’t know where to start? Get in contact today and find out how we can help you with the transition.

How to power your ads with Performance 5

It must be your lucky day, as we’re giving you five data-proven tactics to improve your ad results:

Conversions API
Implementing the Conversions API with a Meta partner such as Shopify, will not only improve your campaign targeting but will decrease your cost per action and more accurately measure your ad’s success.
-13% CPA with Conversions API implemented.

Simplified ad sets
Consolidating your ad sets will help you drive better performance, by improving efficiency and performance.
+41% conversions with simplified ad sets.

Broad targeting
Reach more potential customers whilst reducing your cost per action with broad targeting.
-12% CPA with broad targeting compared to interest targeting.

Mobile-friendly video
Drive conversions and reduce your cost per action with mobile-friendly video ads.
-12% CPA with mobile-friendly video compared to non-mobile-friendly creative.

Ad testing
Run effective A/B tests to work out what drives performance with ad testing.
-30% cost per result with winning A/B tests compared to losing ads.

Interested in how Performance 5 could improve your ad results?

Meet Temu

The latest online-shopping megastore, which has already taken over the likes of Shein and Amazon, in the race for the number one bargain-hunting shopping app in the US.

Meet Temu the shopping application

The app has now begun advertising in Europe too, but what does this mean for Google Ads campaigns?

Definitely, one to keep an eye on.

If you haven’t heard already, then where have you been?

We’re teaming up with Klaviyo to host a fantastic event, unveiling the secrets behind using your past data to generate your future growth.

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This weeks MIRA Marketing laugh

Last week we showed you ChatGPT’s answer when McDonald’s asked “What is the most iconic burger in the world?”.

Now Burger King and Subway have joined in…

Midweek MIRA laugh, McDonald's ChatGPT