Google pMax Updates & MIRA’s New Partnership

What happened in the recent Google Performance Max conference?

We’ve compiled a list together of the key updates to note, you lucky thing.

Meta’s rolled out several new updates and it’s all about Reels. We also have an exciting new partnership!

Catch up on everything you need to know this week with your Midweek MIRA.

A Winning Partnership

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Mowden Park RFC!

An exciting journey ahead as we embark on our first collaborative marketing venture. We are honoured to be supporting Mowden Park, as we leverage our expertise to empower their marketing and contribute to elevating their esteemed brand.

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12 new pMax updates following the Google Live event

Google recently hosted its latest Performance Max Conference and there were a lot of key updates to note. Feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?

Don’t fret! We’ve compiled a list of exactly what you need to know to get you up to speed.

Performance Max Updates

Re-engagement goals
You can now let the algorithm optimise for disengaged customers.

Page feeds
You will soon have the ability to target specific landing pages with the built-in DSA functionality.

Account-level negatives
Great news for brand safety, as you can now exclude specific search terms across all your campaigns.

New customer lifecycle goals
You can now let Smart Bidding optimise for high-value customers, instead of just any new/existing customer.

More Smart Bidding optimises
You can now let Smart Bidding optimise for in-store sales.

Campaign-level brand exclusions
You are now able to exclude branded search terms from pMax campaigns, excluding them from all Search+ Shopping placements.

Create assets with Generative AI tools
Google is releasing new AI tools which allow you to create assets inside of Google Ads

Generative AI Tools

Performance Max experiments
You can now A/B test pMax campaigns.

Integrated recommendations during campaign setup
By just entering your URL and some basic information about your products/brands, Google can now create a complete campaign outline for you.

Better search term insights
You now have the ability to export search term insights (for custom date ranges, not just last 7/28 days) and access them through the updated API.

Improved Merchant Centre integration inside of Google Ads
Soon, you’ll be able to see product insights and diagnostics next to your data, with deep links to Merchant Centre, making it easier to optimise products that need your attention.

Conversion lift studies
You’ll now be able to better understand how many conversions of your pMax campaigns were incremental.

Your rundown on the digital updates this week:

💻 Meta’s Twitter alternative is getting closer to launch
It looks like Meta’s text-based feed app will soon be coming to our screens, featuring a straight feed of text updates.

🤖 LinkedIn joins the AI hype
As they are the latest social network to offer a new AI-powered tool for generating ad copy.

Linkedin joins AI hype

📹 Meta introduces new Reels advertising options to more brands on Instagram
Which will give you the ability to reach users with image ads directly on Reels content without interrupting videos.

🤳 Meta is also bringing app promotion ads
Formerly known as app install ads, to Facebook and Instagram Reels.

📲 Instagram will now let you download Reels
All you have to do is tap the ‘share’ icon and select ‘download’.

Take a look at the recent changes in Google Ads performance

Seasonality effects
Performance will naturally be down across the board for everyone this time of year, as consumer spending momentum slows as people look to spend more of their income on travel and summer holidays.

However, these rates can of course fluctuate, so we would recommend avoiding making any sweeping judgement about your evergreen campaigns or the incremental impact of some TOF channel test you may be running. Something to be mindful of though.

Auction metrics change WoW
Conversion metrics change WoW

The hottest topic this week: MMM
MMM seems like the best thing since sliced bread. It can tell you exactly where to put your budget for maximum impact, in turn reducing wasted spend and extracting maximum ROI.

But, like all statistical models, putting all your trust into one measurement model would simply blind you to potential insights. Instead, combining a mix of MMM, MTA and Creative Analytics will give you the best possible perspective of your campaign’s performance.

By industry, WoW

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