Meta Advantage+ Creative Standard Enhancements: are they right for you?

With the ever-growing list of Meta ads and campaign optimisations, it can be hard to know which settings to prioritise. Earlier this month, Meta released Advantage+ Creative, a recent addition to their optimisation lineup. 

Formerly known as dynamic experiences, this setting is available in the ad-level settings in Ad Manager. The primary function of the group of settings is to apply creative optimisations to your ads, such as music, standard enhancements and image brightness and contrast.

Many users have already capitalised on the recent update, but are they right for your ads?


According to Meta, “using Standard Enhancements in Advantage+ Creative can result in, on average, a 4% lower cost-per-result in campaigns optimizing for link clicks, landing page views and offsite conversions”.

We’ve therefore taken a closer look specifically into the Standard Enhancements feature, what it is and whether enabling the feature is the right decision for your ads.


Standard Enhancements: What is it?

In short, Standard Enhancements are basically a group of settings that involve a number of ad-level changes automatically applied by Meta with the aim of optimising ad performance based on individual audiences’ behaviours and preferences.

These ad-level changes include multiple iterations of text combinations, media enhancements and compositional changes. 

Text combinations: Meta will rearrange the order of your ad text into various combinations based on the individual who is viewing your ad and what text arrangement they are most likely to resonate and convert on.

Media enhancements: Meta will use a variety of settings to adjust your creative assets based on what audiences are most likely to respond and engage with. Adjustments can include: utilising ad copy as text overlay, modifying the brightness and contrast of images, adjusting the aspect ratios of creatives to become a better fit and adding creative filters to images.

Compositional changes: This optimisation setting will modify how your ads and components are displayed. Examples of this could involve adding labels to your ads or ranking relevant Facebook comments.

An example of different ad-level changes that can be automatically created using Meta’s Standard Enhancements settings.

What’s even better is that you don’t have to manually select with settings you want to apply to your ads. Meta’s auction system will dynamically choose which setting users are most likely to respond to and will deliver the corresponding version specifically to them.

Are they right for your ads?

There have been some mixed feelings towards the new features. Do you feel excited by the prospect of improved ad performance or do you feel sceptical about the potential loss of control these optimisation settings may bring?

The impact of the new features will of course vary from advertiser to advertiser, and they’re not going to be right for everyone. But the best way to work out if they are right for your unique ads is to put them to the test with A/B testing to truly determine the impact they could have on your campaigns.

In order to do this, you could simply run an A/B test of two identical campaigns, with the test variable being the Standard Enhancements feature. The best thing to do is to run these test campaigns for a week or so, so you can then compare the results of the two campaigns to determine whether the optimisation settings had a beneficial impact on your performance or not.

There’s no immediate yes or no as to whether these new features will work for your ads or not, but they are definitely worth considering if you are looking to optimise your creatives and ad performance.

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Lucy Reed – Marketing Executive at MIRA