Klaviyo helping unlock the power of Facebook Ads

Picture this: you have become a pro at email marketing, by using Klaviyo to create more powerful customer relationships and enhance their journey. You have already learned how to use the platform to build engaging campaigns that have driven sales, and customer retention. By using Klaviyo to leverage customer data, you have succeeded in building a targeted audience who all have one thing in common: they are all eager to get your most recent news and email marketing through their inbox.

Okay, now you have found a group of people who want to learn more about your brand. Wouldn’t it be great if you can use these subscriber lists for your bottom of funnel audiences in  Facebook advertising? You can. And we are going to tell you how.

Why should you integrate Klaviyo and Facebook?

There are two main reasons why you should be connecting Klaviyo to Facebook, and that’s for these two major features:

  1. Sync Klaviyo lists and segments to Facebook for custom audiences, so you can push out ads to these exact subscribers.
  2. Run lead generation ads for collecting emails within Facebook, to grow your email subscriber list.

Firstly, let’s talk about why you might want to create Facebook custom audiences based on your already existing email subscribers. One main callout is the extra audience definition that Klaviyo’s segmented audiences can achieve. If you’re clued up on Facebook advertising already, you might know that you can segment customers who have previously bought (and previously bought a while ago) into an audience. The problem with this is that you are restricted in how much detail you can go into. Klaviyo’s segmentation can define customers you would specifically like to target, for example, by defining audiences by customers who have previously bought a specific product that needs replacing (short life-cycle products). Integrating these segments into Facebook allows you to create retargeting campaigns with direct and focused messaging.

Want to give your audience a second push to convert? Use Facebook custom audiences that target your Klaviyo segments or lists, who are yet to make a purchase. A good example of this is segmenting your Klaviyo audience for people who have opened emails but have not bought. This way, you can give them a secondary kick through Facebook advertising to give them the reminder they might need, which could push them over the edge. 

So what are the benefits of running lead generation ads on Facebook? The answer is pretty obvious: to expand your reach in collecting email subscribers. And why wouldn’t you want to increase your signups? A bigger subscriber list boosts your funnel marketing and increases your amount of BOF loyal customers.

Syncing lists or segments to Facebook’s custom audiences

Now you’re probably wondering how to sync lists or segments into custom audiences. Once you have set up the initial integration in Klaviyo, you can start at any time on the integration’s settings page.

  1. Are you adding a custom audience during your initial integration? You will already be on the right page. However, if you are adding a sync at a later time, simply go to your Custom Audience Settings and click ‘Add Custom Audience Sync’ at the bottom of the window.
  1. In the dropdown menus, select a Klaviyo list or segment, then choose a Facebook custom audience. 

It can take 24 hours for Facebook to process and populate profiles from Klaviyo. It’s also important to note that only emails associated with a Facebook account can be synced, so this might be a reason why the size of a list or segment might not match up with your new custom audience. And, there you have it: your new Facebook custom audience.

Connecting Facebook lead generation ads to a list

You can also sync lead ads using the same lists as your custom audience. Here’s how:

  1. If you are adding a lead ad in your initial integration, you’re again on the right page. If you’re adding this at a later time, simply go to your Lead Ads Settings and click ‘Add Lead Ad Connection’.
  1. In the dropdown menus, select a Facebook lead ad first, then choose a Klaviyo list. 

When you have completed this, you’ll start to see all future signups come flooding through. What about your signups before the integration? Not to worry – you are still able to export this list from Facebook and import the contacts to Klaviyo.

Not using Klaviyo? Here’s how you can get started

Are you seriously still using MailChimp? Are you wanting to see how taking your email marketing to Klaviyo can do more? You may or may not have seen it recently, however, this year MIRA Marketing has achieved Gold status on Klaviyo. So, if you’re looking to explore the platform, we are your guys. 

As a Klaviyo partner, we ensure our clients that they are maximising their e-commerce performance with no spillages. Highly segmented campaigns return more than 3X the revenue per recipient as unsegmented campaigns, not to mention the opportunity to connect these segmented audiences to your paid social marketing efforts.

Want to learn more? We would love to chat. Get in touch today to find out more – quotes come free.