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Boosting Sales Through Klaviyo Email Marketing in a multi segmented customer base

Case Study

Established in 1868, JT Atkinson is a revered family-run builder’s merchant, dedicated to delivering a complete range of building materials to both tradespeople and keen DIYers alike. With a robust presence, the company proudly serves Northern England and the Scottish Borders through their 29 branches, and the rest of the UK via their comprehensive website.

Known for their vast product range and exceptional customer service, JT Atkinson is a one-stop-shop for all building needs. However, in the face of an evolving digital landscape, they sought to bolster their marketing strategy to enhance sales, customer engagement, and to better understand their customer base.

This case study delves into the specifics of how our agency leveraged Klaviyo’s email marketing solutions to transform JT Atkinson’s marketing approach, drive growth, and improve their understanding of both their trade and retail customers. We will explore the step-by-step process of how we implemented segmentation, developed unique email flows, and revamped email designs, ultimately leading to increased sales and a more engaged customer base.


Our client, a significant operator in both the trade and retail sectors, approached our marketing agency with the primary objective of enhancing their sales and better understanding their customer base. By utilising Klaviyo’s email marketing solution, we not only reformed their email strategy but also garnered valuable insights about their target audiences. This case study elucidates the step-by-step process of how we exploited Klaviyo’s potential to trigger an upsurge in our client’s sales figures.


The client conducted operations in two distinctly different markets – trade and retail – each having unique audience types and behaviour patterns. Their prevailing one-size-fits-all email marketing strategy wasn’t yielding satisfactory results, as it failed to address the individual needs of these diverse segments. Moreover, the generic design of their emails lacked the intricacy and sophistication to captivate their audience, leading to subpar conversion rates.


Our approach was multifaceted. We initiated our client’s journey with Klaviyo by setting up comprehensive email designs and establishing avenues for collecting invaluable data about their target audiences.

1. Campaign Segmentation:

Given the dual-market nature of the client, we separated their target audiences into ‘trade’ and ‘retail’ segments. This segmentation allowed us to customise emails to resonate with the unique characteristics of each group, ensuring that the appropriate message reached the right individuals at the right time.

2. Email Flow Setup:

We set up different email flows, including a ‘Welcome series’ for new customers, ‘Data collection’ flows to amass essential customer data and preferences, and ‘Abandoned checkout’ flows to remind customers of their incomplete purchases and incentivise completion.

3. Design Focus:

The email designs underwent a substantial transformation. We transitioned from the standard email template that our client initially used, and worked towards creating intricately designed emails that adhered to their brand guidelines. This change in design aimed at visually engaging the recipients, thereby leading to higher conversion rates.


Our well-strategised and executed plan using Klaviyo email marketing led to notable changes in our client’s sales figures and audience engagement.

The segmented campaigns resulted in more personalised communications, leading to improved open and click-through rates. Trade and retail customers began to receive more relevant information, resulting in a more engaged audience and increased sales conversions.

The new email flows we implemented have served to capture invaluable data on our client’s target audience and their behaviour. This granular insight enables our client to continually refine their email strategy and messaging.

Moreover, the shift from standard to intricate email designs, tailored to the brand’s aesthetic, significantly increased recipient engagement. The more visually appealing and brand-consistent emails led to a significant uplift in conversion rates.


This case study exemplifies the power of a well-implemented email marketing strategy, made possible by Klaviyo. Through careful audience segmentation, strategic flow setup, and a renewed focus on email design, we were able to drive tangible improvements in our client’s sales figures and customer engagement. With continued optimisations and a customer-centric approach, we believe that we can continue to harness the potential of email marketing to deliver significant business results for our client.