Paid Social

286% increase

in Facebook Revenue

14.62 ROAS

from initial 2.3 ROAS

38% decrease

cost per lead

Unlocking Host & Stays true potential using paid social

Case Study

Host and Stay is a business with a focus on helping more holiday homeowners unlock the potential in their homes. With new methods for new times. With better guest experiences through technology and lightning-fast response rates. All resulting in more revenue for holiday home owners and with less hassle due to a completely hands-free service.

The Challenge

Host & Stay are rapidly growing with thousands of web users per day. The team was looking to enhance the online booking experience for their customers while with increasing brand awareness and driving engagement. The company was struggling to get enter an extremely competitive market with big players such as Air B&B, One Fine Stay and many more.  


Host & Stay reached out to Mira as they wanted to see an improvement in their results from Facebook advertising. Facebook had recently become their largest advertising channel in terms of spend, and equipped with a healthy budget, they wanted to outsource their paid social in order to test new audiences and creatives, to ultimately maximise the potential of their advertising account. Despite having such a big budget, they were struggling to see a healthy return from their marketing spend. After diving into the account it became obvious that the business wanted to reach out to two contrasting customer groups without any detailed targeting.  This was all across their marketing campaigns.

The Solution

After taking time to understand the business goals and objectives, the Mira team dived right into the account and separated the two types of customers into two different campaigns (Holiday makers & Home owners looking to rent). Taking this approach meant that the business could then target the two different customer types simultaneously. We applied this approach across all marketing channels and coils see the results instantly.  We helped to clean up and restructure Facebook ad account and initially identified a number of quick ‘wins’ which helped drive ROAS from the start. The client’s account was sitting on a ROAS of 2.3 when we they reached out to Mira Marketing, but within two months, we had decreased the ad spend by nearly 50% and increased the ROAS to 14.62, resulting in an increase of 286% for revenue figures for the Stay side of the business and lowering the cost per lead by 38% and helped to build brand awareness. 



The Mira team initiated a thorough cleanup and restructuring of Host & Stay’s Facebook ad account, identifying quick ‘wins’ that boosted the return on ad spend (ROAS) from an initial 2.3 to an impressive 14.62 within just two months. This 286% increase in revenue figures for the Stay side of the business and a 38% reduction in the cost per lead helped build brand awareness while significantly boosting overall profitability.

By streamlining their advertising efforts and focusing on specific customer segments, Host & Stay could make the most out of their advertising budget and maximise the potential of their advertising account. The successful partnership with Mira allowed the company to compete more effectively in the challenging market and achieve their business objectives with exceptional results.