How To Capitalise On Email Marketing After Black Friday

Capitalise on email marketing

Black Friday 2023 may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean you should take a step back from email marketing and relax. The Black Friday and Cyber Monday period will have produced a variety of newly converted customers that can now be nurtured into brand enthusiasts. There will also be a selection of customers who browsed but have yet to purchase. Both are areas of untapped potential that need to be targeted to keep them engaged with your brand and encourage repeat purchases.

As an email marketing agency, we know this is a crucial time to keep the momentum going in the run-up to Christmas and into the New Year. That’s why we’ve created this blog, to advise you on best practices to capitalise on email marketing this winter season.

Email Marketing

Encourage Purchases Through To The End Of The Year

Subscribers are still in the buying mindset for friends, family members and themselves during the holiday season. Many consumers continue to shop for gifts and take advantage of promotions leading up to Christmas and even into the New Year.

Promoting ongoing Christmas promotions or discounts can attract customers who might have missed out on the initial Black Friday rush. By creating daily deals, staff picks or promoting bundles you could capture a broader audience during this extended period.

Creating a loyalty programme or inviting customers to join your loyalty programme will help to stay top-of-mind for consumers throughout the entire season, and will entice continuous purchases.

Communicate last-chance shipping dates to provide a sense of urgency. Gift cards will also prove beneficial for audiences who wait until the last minute to complete their holiday shopping. Target this segment of customers and provide solutions for those who still need to make purchases.

Nurturing Black Friday Customers

It’s important to optimise all post-purchase experiences to gain customers that will order time and time again. Asking customers for feedback through a ‘review request’ flow and showcasing reviews can be beneficial for customer loyalty, as this establishes trust between customers and your business.

Customers who bought hero products during Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be more susceptible to seeing other product categories in your email marketing campaigns. So, sending cross-sell campaigns that highlight complimentary products will help to encourage repeat purchases.

Try creating an ‘active on site’ triggered flow or sign-up form that targets customers who purchased during the BFCM, to convert one-time buyers into email or SMS subscribers.

Converting Non-Buyers

During the BFCM period, many customers subscribe with buying intentions but don’t end up making a purchase. Highlighting user-generated content and reviews will help to showcase customer loyalty and educate subscribers about brand values, product differentiators and best-selling products.

A holiday ‘failure to launch’ flow can be triggered by a segment of profiles who subscribed during the sale period but have yet to make their purchase. Or anyone who viewed the product, who was active on site or started checkout without a purchase. Using targeted messaging and reminders about current offers within the flow, will create a sense of urgency and help to convince the non-buyer to make that first purchase.

Overall, this is a crucial time for email marketing agencies to encourage purchases through to the end of the year and beyond. Nurturing new customers and converting non-purchasers from the BFCM period is essential. Need help leveraging your email marketing after Black Friday? We’d love to chat. Get in touch today!