Generative AI for Social Media, Google Organic and Paid Search


Supercharge your Search Ads with generative AI

Meta and Google have had some big announcements this week in regard to generative AI’s impact on their search ads, and we’ve dived straight in.

Want to know what’s trending in social media at the moment? Catch up on our latest blog below.

What’s trending in social media at the moment?

Search ads with generative AI

With the constant bombardment of industry updates, and tech advances…not even getting started on AI. It really can be hard to keep up, never mind getting ahead of the mark.

As always, we’ve cut through the noise to keep you up to date.

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Meta’s AI Sandbox

New AI ad creation and performance tools are on their way, as Meta announces its new ‘testing playground’ for early versions of the company’s expanding generative AI-powered ad tools.


What can we expect to see?

Background Generation
Create background images from simple text inputs, allowing for more ways to quickly diversify your creative assets.

Text Variation
Generate multiple versions of ad copy, allowing for quick and easy testing for different audience segments.

Image Outcropping
Automatically adjusts creative assets to fit different aspect ratios across surfaces like Stories or Reels, reducing your time spent repurposing creative assets.

Google’s I/O conference took place last week and it looks like the future of AI-powered search could be becoming clearer…

Google Organic and paid search

Generative AI for Ads
You will now be able to better reach customers along their journeys, through new ad features that enable ads to appear later in the conversation.

Improving organic search with AI
When typing a question, you will now receive a detailed AI-generated answer with three organic sources listed on the right-hand side.

Stimulating more ways to understand topics faster, uncover new insights and overall get things done more easily.

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