Data Management

One thing we find is a lot of businesses are not able to understand their data. "Where did that sale come from?".... "I have no idea where that lead came from." We can fix that, our custom reporting solution allows us to help you understand your data.

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We help online brands understand – their customer data

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What we can support with– from a data side.

GA4 Setup

We can tag up your GA4 account and ensure you have the correct tracking. Looking to fire specific tags for events, we can ensure you have them setup.

Website Analysis

Our agency excels in website analysis, pinpointing areas for improvement using advanced tools. Enhance user engagement, site speed, and SEO rankings with our tailored, data-driven strategies.

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Custom Reports

Wanting to understand your data and report the right information to your staff or managers? We can build out custom reports for you.

Tailored Strategies

We analyse your first-party data and dive into your user journeys to map out your next marketing move.

Who we've done it for

Host & Stay is a large property management company which operates throughout the UK. MIRA created a custom MI Pack which is used amongst the board of directors to make decisions on business marketing operations.
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Joshua James is an independent and award-winning jewellery store. MIRA setup custom Looker Studio reporting to analyse performance. Created by pulling api analytics data and google ads data into one report to help performance.
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In order to fully understand our clients user journey and where leads were coming from Select Psychology approached us to set up their GA4. We used event tracking within Google Tag Manager to setup events on their site to track across all marketing channels.

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