ChatGPT updates


ChatGPT is introducing an intuitive type of interface that will be rolling out new voice and image capabilities. This will allow users to have a voice conversation with the AI or even show an image.


Chat about images:

The new ChatGPT updates will give more ways and reasons to use the platform. Users will have the ability to receive information and a live conversation regarding any topic they send an image of. This could include recipe ideas from the ingredients in their fridge, or information on a landmark whilst travelling, the possibilities are endless.

ChatGPT has also made it possible to show more than one image to provide visual context and focus on a specific aspect of the conversation. This can be done by using drawing tools within the mobile app to circle what is relevant in the picture.

Similarly, with the Vision feature, ChatGPT can assist users with their daily lives by seeing what they can see. This feature is taken from ChatGPT’s work with the helpful app for blind or low-vision people, “Be My Eyes“. Users have found this feature valuable to multitask, and hold general conversations whilst also trying to get information from the AI.

ChatGPT image capabilities

Voice capabilities:

Users are also able to engage in a back-and-forth conversation with the virtual assistant. This is possible through selecting to opt into voice conversations on the new features section, within settings. There is a selection of five synthesised voices to choose from, which can be adjusted within the headphone icon on the home page. OpenAI has stated that the voice capabilities are established through an advanced text-to-speech model, which has been tested with voice actors and generates human-sounded audio from text within seconds.

By introducing a recording button, ChatGPT enables users to record and send their voiced queries to the artificial chatbot, which eliminates the need for typing and improves the speed and functionality of the platform. The AI’s responses are also read out loud, which ensures a smooth, auditory interaction. This improves the ease of interacting with ChatCPT’s AI. This also allows a wider variety of people to explore the capabilities of advanced AI, such as lower-visioned or dyslexic users.

ChatGPT voice capabilities

We hope you have enjoyed learning about ChatGPT’s new intuitive voice and image capabilities. Artificial Intelligence features like these can sit as an asset for your business to achieve significant performance improvements.

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