Preparing For Black Friday On Meta

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Black Friday is right around the corner. We asked our Paid Social Manager Alina about the ways she is getting our clients’ Meta ad accounts set up for success during this busy shopping time 👇 What structure are we implementing for our clients this Black Friday? For Black Friday, we’ve set up a new Advantage+ […]

YouTube’s attempt to remove ad blockers


The largest video-sharing platform, YouTube, is cracking down on ad blockers in order to protect its advertising revenue. In recent years, ad blocking software has gained in popularity but has acted as a distribution between YouTube and its advertisers. Its popularity has been from users seeking to improve their online experience by eliminating unwanted advertisements […]

Preparing For Peak Buying Season

Preparing for Peak Buying Season

The peak buying season is approaching. Are you a retailer triple checking you have everything in place for the busiest season? We’ve got you covered. We want to help you prepare for the upcoming madness. So, we’ve put together this handy guide to educate you on how to predict your shoppers behaviour and how to […]

Is TikTok and Short-Form Videos on the Decline?

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In this blog we are looking at the cyber security risks of TikTok and how short-form videos are on the decline. Whilst AI, is still going strong – we are discussing if the technology’s power is boosting productivity. Is this goodbye TikTok? The UK, New Zealand, Belgium and Canada are some of the first countries […]

Klaviyo and iOS 17’s latest updates

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Have you seen the new update from Klaviyo for the dynamic product blocks? Or the latest iOS 17’s updates that has advertisers and the rest of the world split apart? Check this out below… Calling all email marketing nerds Have you noticed Klaviyo‘s latest update? Dynamic product blocks can now display both the sale price […]

AI, TikTok and Building your Email and SMS List

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Could AI be the future of advertising? If you haven’t already seen Coca-Cola’s generative AI ad, then where have you been? There’s many questions for what the future could hold for advertising… TikTok continues to help local businesses As they lead the way in the move to social search, with their new search engine Business […]

Generative AI for Social Media, Google Organic and Paid Search

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Supercharge your Search Ads with generative AI Meta and Google have had some big announcements this week in regard to generative AI’s impact on their search ads, and we’ve dived straight in. Want to know what’s trending in social media at the moment? Catch up on our latest blog below. What’s trending in social media […]

The Value Of Listening To Your Customers

Listening to your customers

In this blog, we are discussing the importance of listening to your customers, as well as the importance of migrating to GA4 and the introduction of the social media platform, Bluesky. Listen to your customers! …no seriously, listen to them. The most effective way to run a B2B or B2C brand is by listening to […]

The Future Of Ads And Improving Your Social Media Game

The Future of Ads and Improving Your Social Media Game

What does the future look like for ads? We’ve seen the power of the likes of ChatGPT on copywriting, but now with the latest updates from Meta and Google we will soon be seeing generative AI for ad creation. This could be a game-changer for the future of ads. Plans for the tools involve simply […]

Meta And Google Ad Features And The Future of E-Commerce

Meta and Google Ad Features

Are the latest Meta and Google ad features right for your business? What does the future hold for e-commerce and how can you stay ahead of the game? Ready, set, capture. How to capture audiences in moments when they’re ready to make a move With all the distractions in the online world, it’s more important […]