Debunking 6 Digital Marketing Myths

Digital marketing is a hot topic; everyone is talking about the changing face of the online world. It can be an exciting, but confusing discussion on what’s new for businesses. The marketer’s task of digesting endless amounts of new information is becoming a challenge. False truths are becoming more prevalent than ever, so MIRA Marketing […]

New Google Shopping Experience Scorecard

What is the shopping experience scorecard? Google has released an announcement to users of the Google Merchant Center about the release of the new Shopping Experience Scorecard. The goal of the program is to reward businesses that provide excellent customer experience with higher rankings and increased visibility in the Google Pay Per Click Shopping Tab. […]

The Privacy Sandbox On Android

We all know that the number of possibilities on our mobile devices and the internet are near endless, especially with the amount of free content that we can access. Currently, over 90% of all apps on Google Play are free, meaning that billions of users around the world can access unlimited content and services online.  […]

5 Ways To Discover New Keywords For Your Google Search Campaigns

Google Pay Per Click has both Google Search and Google Shopping to discover new customers and drive sales or leads. Google Search Campaigns are text ads on search results that let you reach people who are actively searching on Google for the products and services that you offer. When you create your ad, you select […]