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2400% Increase

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+1088% increase

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187% increase

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From Challenge to Triumph: How Strategic Marketing Transformed Mud Daddy's Facebook Ads Growth Journey

Case Study

Mud Daddy is a Newcastle based company whose innovative products have saved pet owners, outdoor enthusiasts and families countless hours of cleaning by creating the world’s first portable pet-washing device. The Mud Daddy is the first of its kind, with its lightweight, eco-friendly design allowing you to easily and effortlessly clean almost anything. All of Mud Daddy’s products aim to create fuss-free pet care and cleaning ease with eco-friendly solutions.

The Challenge

In an attempt to scale their growth, the company turned to paid advertising knowing that it was one of the fastest and most effective methods of growth but it can also be one of the most expensive when it is not done right. The business had constantly spent significant amounts of money on scaling the business for a very long time and by time they had approached Mira Marketing, they were struggling to see the results that they were expecting with in comparison to their ad spend. The account was lacking structure, best practices weren’t in use and there wasn’t regular testing of creatives and audiences. Mud Daddy came on board during the summer, so seasonal challenges were adding to the account performance – a clear strategy was needed to overcome these obstacles.

The Solution

After looking into the account, it was clear that lack of spending was not the problem. The main issue for Mud Daddy stemmed from the campaigns not  targeting the right people, at the right time, with the right message. From understanding what the account needed,  Mira developed a clear funnel structure to make sure that we covered all the bases from top to bottom of the funnel and implemented testing to identify which audiences and creatives work and which ones don’t. We continued to test the creatives to determine which ones work for the target customer. This allowed for growth and ensured we stay ahead of seasonal trends and typically quieter periods.


Mud Daddy’s story is a testament to the power of targeted marketing and strategy. With their back against the wall, facing spending issues and results, they turned to Mira Marketing for help.

What changed? Mira Marketing helped Mud Daddy realign their strategy, focusing on reaching the right people with the right message, and at the right time. They set up a clear structure, tested various creatives, and figured out what worked best.

The turnaround was nothing short of spectacular. Mud Daddy saw their Facebook Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) hit 2.87 (previous was 1.0), which was a great improvement. Their Facebook revenue skyrocketed by 2400% and their ad spend increased by 688%. Most impressively, they saw their monthly sales soar, reaching a mind-blowing increase of 1088%.

So, what does Mud Daddy’s story tell us? It’s clear that with the right strategy and structure, you can reach your audience effectively and see your business grow. And, it shows that even when faced with seasonal changes and other hurdles, a good plan can keep you ahead of the game. Mud Daddy’s journey is a great example of how the right marketing approach can turn challenges into opportunities for spectacular growth.