Average open rate

703% uplift

YoY attributed revenue


Increase in click-through rate

A Comprehensive Case Study of Joshua James' Success Story

Case Study

Established in 2009, Joshua James is a leading UK-based jewellery company. Priding itself on providing high-quality, fashionable jewellery from globally renowned brands and independent designers, at Joshua James, every piece of unique jewellery tells a story. Their ongoing commitment to outstanding customer service and a passion for helping customers find the perfect piece has positioned them as a trusted, go-to destination for jewellery enthusiasts across the globe.

Through working together, MIRA achieved outstanding results for Joshua James by implementing advanced email strategies. As MIRA is a Klaviyo Gold Partner, we knew exactly what strategies to put into place to drive Joshua James’ success. Seeing a 703% increase in YoY attributed revenue, a 33% increase in click-through rate and an average open rate of 40.9%, Joshua James has achieved incredible growth and success through working with MIRA.

The Initial Scenario

Joshua James’ came to MIRA looking to increase their brand awareness, expand their customer base and drive sales through email marketing. Through working together, we were able to achieve all of this and more.

Our first step was to define clear objectives for Joshua James. We aimed to increase revenue by improving click-through rates, and captivating customers through persuasive copy and eye-catching graphics, to overall enhance customer engagement.

When we first started the project Joshua James had a simple thank-you and welcome series flow and struggled with the data and product feeds importing into Klaviyo.

Collaborative Efforts

With our team of experts and support, Joshua James has been able to expand their horizon and establish a comprehensive email marketing strategy that will continue to drive success. 

Starting with only a thank-you and welcome series flow, we have now established an effective comprehensive flow series. From sunset flows to customer win-back series, abandon checkout and abandon browse, these carefully segmented and analysed flow series have enabled Joshua James to see a staggering growth in conversions and overall consumer engagement.

Driving Success

Seamless product feed custom integration has enabled Joshua James to leverage its product feeds by enabling them to hand-pick bestselling catalogue items to insert into an email, driving indisputable success for every email. 

Creating visually appealing images that instantly captivate your audience’s attention is crucial for email marketing success. Through our team of graphic experts at MIRA, we revamped Joshua James’ email templates to be more engaging, user-friendly and mobile-responsive. From intricate graphic designs, clear call-to-action buttons and persuasive copy, we have not only been able to dramatically increase open and click-through rates but significantly increase conversions that will allow Joshua James to see continuous success.

A/B Testing for continuous improvement

To optimise our email campaigns, we conducted A/B tests on various elements such as subject lines, content variations, and layouts. By analysing the results, we identified the most effective combinations to resonate with the audience and drive conversions.

Email Performance

Despite the industry average open rate of 20-30%, through working with us, Joshua James has soared to gain a significantly higher open rate of 40.9%, proving that our strategies were well above average.

Not only this but our well-executed email marketing strategy saw a 15% increase in attributed revenue from our highest-performing campaign.


Through our key eyes for details, intricate analytical research and overall effective email marketing strategy, Joshua James has been able to reach new heights of success. By transforming their approach, Joshua James can now better connect with their customers, effectively drive conversions and continue to significantly increase their revenue.