Canva’s New Magic Studio Features

The global graphic design platform has released AI features to provide more accessibility to users with hope to encourage more content creation. Canva’s new Magic Studio features Artificial Intelligence abilities and a variety of new tools that Individual users and businesses can use to ease workload, and convert designs into other media formats.

Magic Switch

One new feature from Canva’s Magic Studio is the introduction of Magic Switch. This allows users to easily change and transfer existing content into other formats. For example, this includes converting a blog into an email or even a social post, without the need to manually change the content.

 The new feature eliminates the time taken to go into other design platforms to change the layout or content copy, by generating multichannel campaigns from a single platform design. Magic Switch can also translate designs into over 100 languages, whilst staying on the Canva platform, saving more time for designers with generative AI.

Magic Media

Another new feature added to the platform is the new text-to-video capabilities within the Magic Media tools. The new feature uses runway AI, an applied AI research company, to generate short-form videos from asset uploads on the Canva image library, as well as text prompts.

After creation of the short-form videos, they can then be downloaded for differing projects as a GIF or MP4, or can be continually used within the platform. Canva has also updated its Magic Media text-to-image tool, through providing wider style options from text prompts.

Canva’s New Magic Studio Features

Image Editing

Magic Grab

Magic Grab is a photo editing tool that allows users to edit specific sections within their image. This can be done by selecting and separating the subject of the image. Users can then customise the design by editing, repositioning and resizing the subject, as well as having the option to input further design elements such as text and stickers. Additionally, this can also be used to update text in an image such as a screenshot or even a document.

Magic Expand

The platform has also introduced Magic Expand, similar to Adobe’s generative expand tool, which can automatically expand any image outside of its frame. This image editing tool has the capabilities to recover landscape or details from outside of the frame, expand zoomed-in images and even change a picture taking vertically into a horizontal image.

Magic Morph

Furthermore, Magic Morph has been introduced to edit images with text and graphic elements by adding themes and effects. This could be particularly useful if there is an upcoming marketing promotion which you’d like to reflect in the images. the Magic Morph tool can also apply the same style used in one image across all further designs.

Canva’s New Magic Studio Features

We hope you have enjoyed learning about Canva’s new Magic Studio tools. However, it is important to note that although Canva is useful for small-scale projects, Canva offers the same design options to all users. Meaning, these tools may not give brands the same unique feel towards images, that a graphic designer would provide.

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