Boost Sales with Shopify’s BNPL & Stay Updated with MIRA’s Digital News

Shopify is introducing a buy now, pay later option

MIRA Marketing has some great news for merchants, especially in the current economic climate. You can read more about the latest feature below…

If you didn’t know already, last week we hosted an event and what a success it was! Take a look at some highlights of the day below.

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From spam junk to slam junk

Last week we teamed up with Klaviyo to host a fantastic event about the rise of customer-first marketing.

Thank you to everyone who came to see us, we had a blast!

Take a look at some snippets from the day:

Vertu Motors Arena MIRA Marketing and Klaviyo event
Vertu Motors Arena MIRA Marketing and Klaviyo event
Vertu Motors Arena MIRA Marketing and Klaviyo event

We gave out a HUGE audit checklist of the dos and don’ts of email marketing to all of you wonderful people who attended.

But don’t worry! If you couldn’t make it on the day, we still have additional copies left. Drop us a message to get yours today…

Some big news for Shopify

As the e-commerce platform introduces a native buy now, pay later program.

Shop pay news

Joining the likes of Klarna, Shopify is the latest platform to introduce a BNPL option. Named ‘Shop Pay Installments Premium’, the feature will allow users to split their purchases into equal monthly payments.

Great news for e-commerce stores, especially in the current economic climate. Attracting more frugal customers, the new feature is said to reduce cart abandonment by up to 28% and increase merchants’ sales by an average of 9.3%.

It must be our lucky day!

Currently, the feature is only available in the US, but there are talks of this also becoming available in the UK.

Your rundown on the digital updates this week:

📱 Meta’s Twitter competitor has taken the social media world by storm
‘Threads’ launched last week and has already accumulated over 100 million users. But is it here to stay? It will be interesting to see what happens.

Meta's twitter competitor

👀 Looks like copying isn’t always the way to go…
As TikTok discontinues it’s BeReal clone feature ‘TikTok Now’, something that never really took off.

💰 LinkedIn is creating new opportunities for creators
As they are experimenting with direct monetisation opportunities for Creator Mode users.

📢 Calling all YouTube creators…you asked and you received!
As YouTube announces it is rolling out thumbnail image A/B split testing.

Test reports for youtube creators

📞 Twitter is looking to add some new features
As they are currently testing voice and video call in DMs.

This weeks MIRA laugh

Brand giants took to threads this week, here are some of our favourite ‘first threads’:

MIRA marketing midweek laughs - netflix joke
MIRA marketing midweek laughs - Aldi joke
MIRA marketing midweek laughs - Monzo joke