Getting ready for Black Friday on Meta – This is How We’re Doing it 

Black Friday is right around the corner. We asked our Paid Social Manager Alina about the ways she is getting our clients’ Meta ad accounts set up for success during this busy shopping time 👇

Black friday meta

What structure are we implementing for our clients this Black Friday?

For Black Friday, we’ve set up a new Advantage+ Shopping Campaign for sale ads. The benefit of this is we can push additional budget directly to the sale. If we were to put the ads into our evergreen campaigns, we might not see as much spend pushed towards them. This is due to the historically performing ads taking the majority of the budget.

For the Advantage+ Shopping Campaign, we’ll set the existing customer budget cap to 30%, allowing up to 30% of the budget to be spent on these customers. This means we can combine cold and warm audiences into one campaign, without the warm audiences being over-targeted and increasing frequency. Ensure you keep an eye on the frequency and make any necessary changes such as decreasing this budget cap.

For the creative, we’ll be launching each image or video as a collection ad and an intro card to a catalogue ad. This allows us to utilise each creative in a number of different ways, I’ve seen particularly strong performance from collection ads in multiple accounts so it’s always worth testing this type of ad.

It’s important to note that we are leaving the evergreen ads running – whether that’s an Advantage+ Shopping Campaign or a normal-style campaign – as we don’t want to reset the learnings by turning off the campaigns. Keep them running in the background so you don’t experience a drop in performance after the sale ends.

Are you going to turn off ads that underperform and leave the performing ones on?

I’m aiming initially to have 3 different creatives, launched as three different ads – the image or video, a collection ad and an intro card catalogue ad. We can then monitor the performance, and switch off ads that aren’t performing. If we feel like the creative isn’t working as well as it should be, we can look to make changes, for example, changing the text overlay on the image or updating the copy to change the way the sale is described. Subtle changes can sometimes have a big impact, so don’t be afraid to test different elements.

If we see strong performance will we be increasing budgets?

That will depend on the client and their budgets. If there is a strong performance, we can pull away the budget from the evergreen ads slightly and push that into the sale campaigns. You still want to keep your evergreen ads running, but you can begin to redistribute the budget to enhance performance. I’ll update clients on the performance of the sale, and if they want to increase the budget, we can scale up 20% a day. This means that we can increase the budget without resetting the learnings. 

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