The Benefits Of List Cleaning In Email Marketing

The benefits of list cleaning in email marketing

List cleaning is essential in email marketing to ensure your emails have good deliverability and arrive in your subscriber’s inbox. Ensuring you send relevant content to your most engaged and loyal subscriber base improves your sender reputation, customer engagement and costs. Improve Sender Reputation Email service providers (ESP) such as Google, Outlook, Apple Mail and […]

How To Boost Posts On Meta Without Extra Fees

How to boost posts on Meta

The turbulent relationship between tech giants Meta and Apple has recently brought another problem for advertisers. iPhone users in the US will now have to pay an added 30% fee to Apple to boost posts on Facebook and Instagram. Ouch! But Meta is offering businesses a way around it… What’s happening? If a company wants […]

Inspire Creativity With Google Ads Library

Google Ads Library

Google have expanded their newly named Ads Transparency Center. How? You can now quickly find text, image and video ad inspiration from similar businesses or from your competitors. With more than 30 million users interacting everyday, it’s a great tool to identify and bridge gaps in the market. Use the Ads Library to your advantage […]

How To Collect Email Personalisation Data Effectively

Email Personalisation

Building brand loyalty with your subscriber base is key to increasing conversions, referrals and revenue. Consumers want messages that address their interests and needs; meaning email personalisation is the simplest, yet most effective, way to develop your relationship with your subscribers. Building an email personalisation strategy to collect customer data Creating an email personalisation strategy […]

Copywriting Best Practices

Copywriting best practices

What Is Copywriting? A strong ability in copywriting is critical to all forms of marketing, especially PPC. It’s the driving factor that gets your audience to take action through your words. It’s an incredible skill to have and can take you so far in the industry – if you do it well. Copywriting is such […]

Meta’s New Approach To AI-Generated Images

Meta Labelling AI Images

AI-generated content has been everywhere in the last few years, and Meta is no exception. Indeed, like other big players in the tech industry, Meta is channelling a lot of effort into creating their own AI services. The Advantage+ Suite has been a game-changer for Facebook and Instagram ads with various AI-powered tools for automation […]

How To Use Email Segmentation Effectively

What is email segmentation

Sending emails to your most engaged subscribers is the most effective way to ensure you continue to build your subscriber base, whilst developing your email strategy. What is email segmentation? Email segmentation is dividing your subscriber list into groups called “segments”. Segments can be split by demographic (age, gender and location), behaviour (purchase history and […]

Your Complete PPC Glossary

Complete PPC Glossary

Digital marketers frequently rely on various acronyms and important words when discussing paid search. These words help to ensure everyone is referring to the same metrics and data points.  PPC is an acronym for pay-per-click, one of the most common types of paid search marketing online today. You will typically see these types of ads […]

Meta’s NEW Attribution Setting

Meta new attribution

To help advertisers capitalise on the juggernaut that is short-form video advertising, Meta is launching a new attribution setting for Facebook and Instagram video ads: Engaged-view. What is Engaged-view attribution? Engaged-view attribution occurs when someone views at least 10 seconds of a skippable video ad (or 97% of a video under 10 seconds), doesn’t click, […]

Convert Web Visitors Into Returning Customers With Sign-Up Forms

Convert Web Visitors

Different audiences might be visiting your website daily, but are they returning? Sign-up forms are an effective way to retain web visitors and nurture customers through email marketing. Marketers without a sign-up form are relying on customers seeing your ad again or through your company popping into their head again, which isn’t the most effective […]