Are short-form videos on the decline?

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From YouTube vlogs and the nostalgia of Vines to the rise of TikTok, video content is constantly evolving and it’s safe to say it’s not going away anytime soon. In recent years, particularly after COVID-19, we saw a dramatic surge in short-form video content. TikTok reigned overall, closely followed by Instagram Reels and the most recent contender: YouTube shorts. But recent studies have shown that long-form videos are now the fastest-growing segment in 2023. Is this the fall of short-form videos? 

Now, none of us needs to be reminded of how much time we spent inside during the pandemic. But something that is notable was the surge in popularity of short videos as a result of this. If we were to go off previous trends, it would have been expected for long-form videos to rise during this period of ‘slow life’.

However, what we actually saw was the competition to capture audiences’ attention online increased and became fiercer than ever. As more and more of us spent more time online merely as something to do, our attention spans grew shorter and shorter. Due to this, videos had to be short and snappy, simply just to stand out and attempt to engage.

Jumping forward to the year 2022, as the world re-opened, studies showed that video plays started to decrease again. This (thankfully) took the weight off this relentless competition for brands to grab consumers’ attention in just a mere 3-5 seconds and left scope for videos to become more descriptive, longer and story-telling in nature again.

The hype cycle surrounding short-form videos arguably couldn’t reign forever. As we all know too well, audiences can quickly become tired and crave something fresh and new.

Today in 2023, consumers care about brand ethos, ethics and sustainability more than ever before. Consumers want to get to know brands on a personal level, they want to know what you stand for and will be persuaded if this resonates with their own personal values. 

Studies have shown that in today’s world, more and more consumers want to take the time to truly get to know a brand on a personal level before deciding to purchase. So, what better way to connect with these audiences than by utilising long-form video content to demonstrate your values and unique personality?

Is it time to switch up our video strategies?

Nonetheless, short-form videos are still the undefeated champion for instant engagement, and in an age where everyone is in a rush, it really is the quickest win.

What we recommend, however, is a rich combination of short and long-form video content. Short and snappy videos alongside descriptive, storytelling videos, will allow you to simultaneously get those immediate sales and brand awareness, whilst also building long-term brand loyalty by demonstrating your unique brand personality.

Lucy Reed – Marketing Executive at MIRA