The Future of Ads and Improving Your Social Media Game


What does the future look like for ads?

We’ve seen the power of the likes of ChatGPT on copywriting, but now with the latest updates from Meta and Google we will soon be seeing generative AI for ad creation. This could be a game-changer for the future of ads.

Plans for the tools involve simply dropping in your landing page, writing a short description of your product or service, and letting AI do the rest.

But like all the other hype-cycles surrounding generative AI, are we convinced?


Alina, our Paid Marketing Executive, has given us her opinions on the latest advances in the technology for ad creation and her top tips on how you can optimise on this:

“Ad-creation AI tools are an exciting development for paid social marketers. The positive impacts of streamlined processes and time-saving, performance-boosting ad creation can really change the game. However, brands need to keep their personality at the forefront of campaigns to build a strong, loyal community – make sure this doesn’t get lost in the world of AI.”

There’s a new kid on the block

Say hello to Lemon8, the latest addition to the social media giants.

Lemon 8

It’s as if Instagram and Pinterest joined forces, to create a buzzing hive for creativity. Each post is a carousel where creators can use in-app creative features to add graphics and text to their content.

What’s interesting here is that Lemon8 is owned by Bytedance, the mutual owners of TikTok. Can we take this as the company’s solution to the potential TikTok ban?

Lemon 8

The platform has already reached the top 10 for app downloads, with many influencers already jumping on the trend.

But are we convinced?

Top tips to improve your Instagram game

We all know the power Instagram can have on keeping your audience engaged and growing your business in the process. But knowing exactly where to start can be challenging, to say the least.

Here are our 3 simple, yet effective top tips that you can implement today:

Tag your business location in every post
Leveraging Instagram’s local features in all your posts will dramatically increase your visibility by helping your posts show up in users’ explore tab who are searching in your area.

Local collaboration
Influencers are a fantastic way to increase engagement and generate brand awareness. But collaborating with local influencers in your area is an even better way to drive actual foot traffic into your business.

Optimise your direct messaging
Simple steps like instantly replying to customer queries or using an automated instant message, engaging with Story mentions and incorporating your brand tone of voice can significantly increase your engagement rates.

Need help to improve your Instagram? Here at MIRA, we have a team of experts trained in Social Media Management. We’d love to chat, get in touch today.