About us.

We're more than just a marketing agency – we're your partners in success. Our dedicated team of experts are focused on delivering results that drive your business forward in today's competitive landscape. By taking the time to deeply understand your business, we seamlessly integrate into your team, collaborating to accelerate your marketing efforts.


MIRA was founded by Stuart after consulting for multiple large corporations.


MIRA doubled it’s team and started working with global organisations.


MIRA became a collective team of digital marketing experts.


MIRA is a team of 13+ marketing specialists and provides digital marketing solutions for brands like NHS, Harringtons Dog Food and JT ATkinson. 

Our Beginning

Back in 2018, our founder Stuart was working with multiple large corporations as a marketing consultant. He knew there was potential for him to create something unique, and all it took was an inspiring phone call and 24 hours for MIRA to be born. He focused on combining his personal affinity for both analytics and creativity, to create an agency that helps businesses achieve their true marketing potential. Since then MIRA has always focused on hand-selecting a group of talented people who are experts at what they do, to create a small but strong team that leads global brands to major successes.

As a team, we have three core values that keep us aligned with each other and our clients. Honesty, we are straight talking, transparent and want to help you understand the simple but effective solutions we can create. Expertise, we are always learning. We come to clients with a collective knowledge of best practices to conduct a thorough analysis and produce quality and efficient work. Caring, building meaningful relationships is essential to our work here at MIRA. Communication with clients, and understanding their goals are vital to our success.

Who we partner with