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Ads could be coming to Threads sooner than we thought

Smartphone shopping is only set to rise and did you know the number of songs DOUBLED in the world last week? Check out MIRA Marketing rundown below to find out more.

The ONLY email audit checklist you need this year

Just under two weeks ago, we teamed up with Klaviyo to host a fantastic event unveiling the secrets behind email marketing.

Prior to the event, the team were working hard to produce a tangible asset that our audience could take home with them…and boy, is it a good one.

Check out our email marketing checklist below, it went down a treat at the event and we still have a few final copies left to give out!

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Your rundown on the digital updates this week:

🎵 The number of songs in the world doubled on Wednesday
This is all thanks to AI music pioneer, Mubert, which has generated over 100 million AI tracks.

💸 Prime Day breaks records
But what was selling? 27% appliances, 27% toys, 26% apparel and 12% electronics.

Prime day breaks records

📹 More AI tools…
As YouTube announces its latest A-powered tool that will suggest video titles for you, based on the video transcript and description.

📱 Smartphone shopping is continuously on the rise
We’ve recently seen it increase from 42.7% to 43.7%.

📢 Microsoft is rolling out automated multimedia ads within DSA
This will use AI to create visually appealing ads from your website content and optimise them for performance.

automated mutlimedia ads within DSA

🤖 The AI chatbot rivalry continues
As Bard finally becomes available in the European Union and Brazil, whilst ChatGPT is getting looked into by the Federal Trade Commission.

💻 Instagram is testing a new e-commerce feature
These new product tags would automatically identify products from your product catalogue and highlight them within your Stories.

The hottest new social media platform

Twitter’s ‘killer’ app, Threads entered the social media world two weeks ago and it’s safe to say, it’s caused a lot of interest.

Quickly becoming the fastest app to hit 100 million users ever, Threads has launched in over 100 countries gaining an indispensable amount of engagement.

Twitter's killer app called Threads

Meta has announced that ad features will be implemented once the app reaches 1 billion users, but at this rate, it could be a lot sooner than initially thought!

Something to keep in mind for all you paid advertisers out there, as Threads ads are predicted to make $8 billion for Meta by 2025.

Currently, the platform isn’t available in Europe due to ‘upcoming regulatory uncertainty’, widely assumed to refer to the EU’s Digital Markets Act.

The app has already seen a staggering volume of engagement, but is it here to stay? Let us know your thoughts, we’d love to hear your opinions.

The AI revolution: how can it benefit your business?

AI this, AI that…the generative tech has taken the world by storm this year.

From generative copywriting, creative brainstorming paid ads and image generation. The possibilities of the technology really do seem endless.

But how could YOU utilise the technology today to benefit your business?

Check out our latest blog on the ai revolution to find out more today.

This weeks MIRA Marketing laugh

The votes are in the office…which is your favourite?

Office poll on biscuits